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Artfest workshop #2

Michelle Allen's : "What's your story!"

Sorry for the delay of this post...back to real life has been back to real life in a big way. A sick little guy with his first ear infection :( on top of helping my mom gear her Seattle house purchase for renting has proven to be a hefty load...but we're making great progress. Jackers has been to the doctors and gotten an antibiotic and seems to be feeling much better already. Not too mention my Mom and I have painted the whole interior of her house and put in a new backsplash in the kitchen etc. etc.

O.k. now for Artfest recap part 2.... I took Michelle Allen's workshop making a diorama (what's your story) using a box similiar in size to a cigar box and DAS to make little paper clay sculptures. This workshop was SO MUCH FUN!!! I was blown away at how much talent filled the room! Some very inspiring ladies in attendance! And as usual Michelle has the craftiest ideas mixing house fix products like wall joint compound, drills, screws, nails, baseboard molding scraps etc. to make the quirkiest-cutest darn art you ever did see! Take a look at her examples she brought for inspiration:

this one above is just precious...Michelle made it for her daughter (who loves to bake) and who just happen to turn 16 the day of our workshop....happy birthday Alexis!

Michelle Allen's workshop

How awesome are these?! Feeling a little intimidated...I figured there was only one way to head up "my story"...and that's listen and watch Michelle demonstrate and then.....

DIVE in.....!

I almost missed lunch on this workshop...but I managed to craft a story in my head and finish molding my little paper clay lady (which is suppose to be me) and my little dog (that's suppose to be our French Bulldog-Otis) which sorta looked like a bunny rabbit going into the toaster oven to set.......but still looked cute. So, I managed a quick bite to eat and then came back to the workshop to keep plugging along. By the tale end of the class this is what I had completed....still needs some background love, maybe a tree? perhaps a picket fence? or some vintage paper clouds? not exactly sure what it'll be....

the textured on the box was wall joint compound applied with a gift card- or a piece of chip board in some cases....then dried by using a heat gun...then painted. I layered some old sheet music in some random places to add some color- but ended up covering most of it with paint or compound...on top of the box is a piece of baseboard molding scrap.

my paper clay french bulldog a wagon I made out of an empty necklace charm, a clipping of my necklace for his collar and wood buttons wrapped in wire glued to chip board for his wagon wheels....

And then there's me...who I had some real fun trying to attach to my bicycle!Not exactly as easy as I thought it was going to be. I may have been a little advantageous with "my story"  having never used paper clay as a medium- I try and create a character where the length of the arms and legs actually matter- I had to hold up each limb to the bicycle (thank gosh had a kick stand) a bizillion times...

No, I didn't plan on having her wave to you all...her arm is just too long to put down! ha. But the whole process was fun and whimsy. I actually didn't even have a box until the day before class! I lucked out and found one in town at a local thrift shop for $3 dollars that couldn't have been a more perfect size...I'm definitely not afraid of experimenting with DAS anymore- and I already bought some at Blick's downtown to play with.

I was so wrapped up in trying to finish something in this workshop that I never made it around to snap pictures of  all the others...SO- you have to click here....and see all the pretty pictures Michelle captured- they're fantastic!



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  • regina

    I love your little box. You and Otis turned out perfectly! This will look great in your awesome studio. :)

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