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artfest workshop #3

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Last but not least...Andrew Dyrdahl's: "Recycled Fabric Journal" workshop (might have just been my favorite workshop of the week?!)

....prolly cause Maria :) was my partner in crime:

baby lock sewing machine

I had brought my Mom's 72' singer up to Port Townsend with me...but after meeting Andrew at the Friday night marketplace (where he sold out of his awesome monster dolls) he said there was no need to lug it all the way to class- that he had an extra (brand new in box) sewing machine for me to!

Andrew is SO generous and patient. Really, you'd think he'd been teaching at Artfest for years. totally fooled me it was he's first go at teaching this particular workshop...he has some very clever techniques for making his fabric journal covers. Total brainition overload for one who sews!

Class was very laid back except for the entertaining hammer banging coming from Demeng's workshop upstairs...but it didn't seem to bother any of us. Andrew was very available to walk around and offer each of us some one on one help with sewing questions and or journal paper sizing questions we had. He was very go with the flow- I can't wait to see what he teaches next year (I'm so there!)

Here are some more pictures of another journal Andrew brought to guide us on how to make our own...

Andrew explains it's often easier to sew a fun zig-zag pattern onto a larger piece of fabric....then- cut away in between close to the stitched line for an easier applique technique...I thought it was brilliant- totally stress free.

love the peek-a-boo layered fabric cut out idea for some texture play.

For me I found this workshop totally freeing. Normally everything I sew is so fine tuned and "on the line" it's a whole new world to sit in front of a sewing machine and basically throw all sewing "RULES" out the window. it's empowering. & SO MUCH FUN!!!

That's Andrew demonstrating the binding technique. I was still trying to get my journal cover to dry after coffee staining it. I had brought quite the fabric stash with me to class...but when Andrew explained that six large bins of fabric up front were up for grabs...I about fell out of my chair with excitement. I am totally over sewing with my fabrics (it's true you sometimes get burnt out) So, I dumped my bag of scraps into his stash and grabbed some fun new prints and headed back to my table and sewing machine. I had no plan or even a clue as to what style journal I wanted to make...just a specific size (4x6) that came from trying to maximize my paper supply and create a nice travel size journal to be able to take with me everywhere I go.

I missed lunch that day out of pure excitement to be sewing...How I came up with my little gal character on the front of my journal cover is really hysterical (and way too long to explain) but she's just perfect and I love her....

my journal

absolutely LOVE her!

my journal

I spoiled myself and used four signatures of Arches hot press water color paper for the's a really nice weight

my journal

made a little inside pocket for my business cards...
my journal

The fabric behind her is a scrap piece Janne sent me from Norway and the ruler on the back inside is a twill ribbon my Mom gave me for's fun including bits from special places...

I'm about finished uploading pics from Artfest-are you tired of hearing about it yet???! hang tight cause I have trades to share with you...ones I made and some of my favorites I scored!

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  • Bree on

    I might have to send you some fabric scraps to play with hey T? Since you’re sick of your stash.

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