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artfest trades!

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Part of the tradition of ARTfest is to make "trades" to bring with you. Trades are usually something relatively small in size that you've handmade, only real guideline given is that you (should) put your contact info like your name, email and website or blog address on the back of your trade. Last year I made fabric flower pins, I brought 50 or so and came home with a few, guess I was a little shy with the whole trading concept?!

This year I knew I wanted to make something different. I had been collecting papers, music and art flyer's from around seattle on top of saving all our cereal, cracker and cardboard boxes (basically since last years artfest) I knew I had more than enough found paper to create quite a few trades so I decided I'd make little travel size recycled journals. I used ANYTHING from old sheet music, old children's book pages, paint cards, xerox copies, grocery store brown paper bags, old music cd. jacket art etc.etc.

I allowed myself a $10 budget to make my trades. The most costly were the little binding rings- in which I hit a sale at staples office supply....(forget the expensive scrapbook ones geesh!)

A handful of pics of (my ghetto trades:) as somebody (wink wink) so kindly put it-ha!)

this little fox is a seattle artwalk flyer cut down :)
recycled paper journal

recycled paper journal

above & below: pieces of a cereal box that I peeled the advertisement off  with a razor then gesso'd it, foam stamped it, & sewed a magazine clipping onto it...

recycled paper journal
artfest 2011 trade

above: a hand tied little heart out of hemp string, then put into a sewn pocket made out of recycled cello baggie...recycled paper journal

not all...but lots of pages in each recycled journal were tabbed with various fun creations

recycled paper journal

I used some of my fabric flower appliques laying around the studio and other fabric bits that never made their way to a project.
recycled paper journal

these were really fun to make, a little time consuming, yes. But worth it. It's fun to see gals dig a little deeper into their bags to give me a little something extra with their trades (totally worth it!) I counted 62 finished journals while I was sitting in my car on the ferry ride over to bainbridge...and I was completely wiped out of them the first night of trading. Yikes, looks like next year I'll have to start a little earlier with whatever I decide to craft up.

Oh....I also made these for trades too...

artfest trades 2011

Journal tabs:

  • fold a scrap piece of card-stock in half
  • use a 1" circle punch more towards the folded edge and centered to the top the bottom
  • then place hand cut heart out of scrap felt in between 2 pieces of recycled cello paper
  • then sew a square all the way around the circle
  • make sure to leave enough open edge for tab attachment to journal page....

to see more of my recycled paper journals you can click here.

NOW for a peek at some of my FAVORITE received artfest 2011 trades.....

artfest 2011 trade

a wicked spray painted  cardboard cut out by Elizabeth: aka: yarnpunk

artfest trade 2011

a FABULOUS hand made journal by Tammy's Mom, Linda trades are really ghetto when it comes to this gem of a journal...I remember bowing my head with embarrassment when I asked poor Linda to trade with me! :)

artfest trade 2011

Ain't he the cutest little kangaroo ever?! hand made by Colette

artfest trade 2011

a large paperclip w/gem made by Regina (this gal is ever so crafty! it was so nice to meet her in person after reading her blog the last several months!)

I took pictures of every trade I got this year! Click here to see all the creative goodies that came to artfest 2011!

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  • Tyler on

    if you take out the “s” after http in the beginning of the link it will post, just checked it. Thanks for sharing!- Tyler

  • regina on

    I love my journal that you made. I wish I had gotten one of your awesome flowers from last year. I saw them everywhere but didn’t know who was giving them away.

    I’ll be making some of those awesome tags—thanks for the instructions.

    And thanks for your sweet words too (blushing)

  • Dave on

    Cool post can’t wait to see more

  • affiche hundertwasser on

    nice post!
    i cant share this link :
    am i doing it wrong ?

  • collette on

    your trades were cool, Glad you had a great time, Ill see you next year .. I hope. I Love your baby designs on your website……
    I still have to put together my artfest video

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