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found treasure!

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The saying really is true..."One man's trash is another man's treasure."

While doing house fix stuff on my Mom's place Thursday night I overheard a woman next door telling another neighbor across the way that she had been tasked by family with emptying the home in preparation for sale. Supposedly the lady that lived there had recently passed away. Her family had already come to take what they wanted and left the rest to be donated and or thrown away. I left really late Thursday night and could see there was a bunch of furniture stacked high on the driveway.

Back for more work on Friday morning look at what I found!!!!!!!!

I saw a big "FREE" sign on top of the piled furniture. This cabinet was actually all closed up and was covered with some couch cushions and had a few lawn chairs leaning up against it...but I could see hinges from one side, and well, I can sniff a vintage sewing cabinet any day :)

I tipped up the top and saw something metal and turquoise.......and literally.......I instantly dropped the top and started to do a little dance screeching like a little kid in a candy store!

Then immediately I started brainstorming how in the heck I was going to carry this super heavy precious cargo over to my Mom's place, or better yet to my car.

It's times like this you grow super strength power....I could have carried it all the  home I was so excited. I managed to get UP into my little car with the seats down....and then fumbled for my phone to call my Mom- I'm sure she'd be able to vouch to all of you my pure giddiness.

white- sewing machine

I'm still researching the year the machine was's a model 1315....I'm thinking it's from the mid 50's to the early 60's??? I've searched every avenue I know on website archival records on sewing machine luck on the brand "White" which was supposedly a billion dollar company in the mid 60's manufacturing their machines out of Japan.Anyone have ideas please let me know...

Look at some other cool stuff that was in the cabinet drawers....along with the original printed sewing machine manual.

Sewing Susan gold eye needles and threader...a cool flip up envelop with 60 needles inside

Collins special marking powder

a canister of Collins special marking powder


a De-Luxe Bra Bak Repair kit...."add some life to your bra!" for .20 cents

Above are custom vintage sewing labels with the machine owners name printed on them "H. Elizabeth Miller."

When I found all these goodies in the drawer my heart fluttered a little. A whirl of mixed emotions. On one note it sadden me that no one close to Elizabeth (family or friends) wanted these things...and on the other note I felt totally lucky that I found this gem nestled in a stack of give aways...I had a little silent chat with Mrs. H. Elizabeth, I thanked her for allowing me to be the lucky one. That I'm going to proudly clean 'er up and take real good care if it.

I suppose not everyone sews. And what excites me to no end is for sure not going to excite someone else...I was beaming with glee yesterday......So much so, that over dinner the hub said..."So, I've been deserve more studio space babe, I'm gonna move my workout area so you can expand your creative space to the other side of the basement."

YES!!! Oh, I'm on it. moving on over, picking out paint colors as we speak! I'm thinking turquoise like my new machine what do you think? Oh...and she got a nickname too- (all my sewing machines have names) Hers is "Esther" because I found her on Easter weekend :)


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  • John on

    Hey Tyler,

    any chance you can scan the manual in?
    especially threading the needle and bobbin?

  • Trish Furst on

    Found your notice as I was Googling “White’s”. I have one like yours. My mother found it in the basement of a house she was living in circa late 50’s. I love the machine, but my belt went bad and cannot find a replacement. Enjoy the machine, the best one I ever had!

  • Tammy on

    Whoohoo!!what an amazing score! And the color is so beautiful!! Thats the color of studio number 2 for me as well! My first one is like a rusty pumpkin color, but turquiose is so inspiring! :o) Have tonnes of fun making your new space pretty, and your new ester hum!! can’t wait to see what you make :o) {{hugs}} Tam!

  • Jane Davis on

    ’Wow, I am envious!!!!! Look at the bottom of the machine for a serial number. It should be there. Google serial numbers for White sewing machines. I have an old white, but it is a little older.
    Now that you have started your collection, take pictures of all your machines with info on where you got them, how much you paid :), etc. put the info and pics on a spreadsheet. I started mine, but I have not finished it. Keep looking—before long you will catch up with me.!!!!! Jane Davis

  • Emily on

    Hi! I have a White machine, too, and I don’t know much about mine either. It was an extra that my grandmother had and she gave it to me when I was 12 (in the 80s). Yours is way more funkadelic than mine, but mine’s probably only a little newer (I’m just guessing).

    I have the manual for mine, and can look in it, if there’s anything I could look up for you. Mine has this hella attachment that turns a tiny edge over into a seam, I LOVE that (I am a hack sew-er, btw).

    Thanks for sharing your story!

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