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toddler tutu!

I had a parent teacher meeting for Arlin Jack at his preschool last week.  He is soaring right on track for a 3 1/2 year old....I think one of my favorite teacher remarks on his card read...."There's not a single anti-social bone in Arlin Jack's body"

He is quite the socialite :)

When I can remember to, I try and ask if there's anything the school needs- for chance we might have a donation. This time around they didn't really need any items...until they asked if I could sew. Can I sew? giggle. why sure what do you need?? Mrs. Cara and Ms. Bryna asked if I might be interested in sewing some girls costumes for dress-up time, they also needed the neckline of a cinderella dress that they already had mended.

YES! I get to make pretty girly things (never thought I'd say that) but I was tickled pink to make something cute!

Here's my first donation creation:

toddler tutu!

I've never made a tutu before. But I figured it couldn't be too hard to figure out. I measured the waistline of Arlin's soccer shorts and started with a piece of elastic about 21 inches long (average 3T-4T sizing)

toddler tutu

I was totally humored I didn't buy anything to make this little tutu...I used whatever scrap tule I found in my fabric and ribbon stash...

I asked Arlin to carry it "nicely" to the car:

I wish I had video of him flinging it around...."What IS this Mama?"

and this face! saying....."Is this for Girrr-Ls Mom?"

The Easter Bunny spoiled Jackers as usual. We'll be brushing our teeth extra careful this week. I miss the days when he had no clue what candy even was. I snuck animal crackers in a few of his eggs and coins in others to put in his piggy bank- it seemed to humor him just as much as the VERY few with candy?!

Hope you all had a hoppity Easter!


  • Pam

    Too darn cute! You need to start a line of girly fantasy items.

  • spindelmaker

    It looks SUPER-cute! SUPER!!! (can´t I make these letters larger?) Maybe that´s a little something to add to your line of baby/children´s clothing?!

  • abby jane

    we miss you guys xo

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