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another treasure...

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I think perhaps I should go buy a lottery ticket?!

Another trip to my Mom's house and why YES! another sewing cabinet was resting on the neighbors driveway with a "FREE" sign on it...

Singer-Athena 2000

Meet "Athena" as in Singer's Athena 2000! This one to a sewing geek like me is a big deal...It was the world's FIRST ever Electronic sewing machine manufactured in 1975. Yep...this was the real "ma coy" when it came out.

After some lengthy research reading that many of these machines had quirks with memory failure or and other technical malfunctioning I was a bit skeptical to even try and turn her on...but to my amazement she turned on, light came on and all 25 programmable decorative stitches worked...and what do ya' know- it had turquoise thread in the bobbin.......(I think it's a sign!)

Athena 2000 original manual

I even scored the original sewing machine operators guide...I wanna frame the front cover I think it's cooL! I also found this sewing application booklet that came with the purchase of the sewing machine back in 75'...

singer athena 200 sewing application booklet

I did leave behind the cabinet on this find...not that I didn't want it...but frankly I don't have the room! I now have 6 machines in my little collection! What's next?! I did see a little pink toy machine at a local antique store with Janne couple weeks ago! Just kidding....although if priced right, or free I'll never say no to a working machine!

More fun free stuff....


A lazy susan sewing notion caddy...this thing is spins around and has little tray storage for all kinds of sewing goodies! Can you tell I'm a happy girl!?

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  • Karen in NOLA on

    I actually have my Mom’s Athena 2000 and would love to learn how to use it. I don’t sew but also would love to learn to do all the embroidery and decorative stitching that she used to embellish my daughter’s dresses 30 years ago. Mom stopped using it when her Alzheimer’s became too much for the complicated machine, so it has not been used in at least 15 years. Any thoughts on what I should do top check it out-should I look for a home repairman or just try to muddle through on my own? I think she kept the manual, just haven’t found it yet. She was famous for “hiding things” in her bewilderment :(

  • Tyler on

    Karen…my words of wisdom to you is to have a local vacuum/sewing repair shop take a look at the machine. They’ll quote you a price to service it, which is always a good idea to do especially if the machine has been sitting for some time. Typically they’re good to go and they just need a minor tune up which entails a cleaning under the bobbin and oiling etc….As for learning to sew start watching some basic sewing videos on you tube and practice on recycled fabrics you don’t care to mess up…..I keep a bin of old clothes my son has grown out of and if I want to learn a new technique or stitch….I just practice! Best of luck and keep in touch! :)-Tyler

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  • spindelmaker on

    You lucky, LUCKY girl! They´re practically throwing sewing machines at you!!! Oh, all the fun you´re gonna have with your new sewing-machine-family!!! :-)

  • Tammy on

    ARE you kidding me???? you have some serious sewing vibes goin on girl! Magnetic :o) And the turquoise thread, too perfect!!! I am so excited to see your cool creations!! Have a super sewy week!!

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