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crafty teacher appreciation gifts

Because any teacher who teaches my kid...............DRINKS Coffee!!!

Yesterday I ran to our neighborhood starbucks to grab some gift cards. While standing in line I was brainstorming how I could make giving a gift card a little more crafty...It dawned on me then it'd be fun to sew up some re-usable fabric coffee cup sleeves, so when it was my turn in line to order I asked the gentleman if I could have empty coffee cups instead of the gift card sleeves they normally give you. He looked a bit perplexed...but smiled and obliged. IMG_4832

Easy Peasey. Here's how you do it:

  • take the Starbucks paper sleeve and open it up laying it flat on top of a piece of card-stock paper or pattern plastic in my case and trace all the way around it a 1/4" or so larger - you'll need this for your seam allowance.
  • then (I cheat here :)) cut one piece of fabric exact to your made template then take another larger rectangular-ish piece of fabric (same print or different than your first cut piece) Place your first exact cut right side down on top of your bigger piece with batting on the bottom. (right sides of decorative fabric should be facing each other)
  • next take your pinned three layer sandwich to the sewing machine
  • sew a scant 1/4" all the way around your sandwich leaving an 1" or so opening on top/or bottom
  • flip right side out and use a chopstick or pencil to poke out your edges and press with a hot iron
  • now button up your sandwich by top stitching with coordinating thread all the way around
  • finish by sewing on velcro tabs on opposite ends and opposite sides from each other (I found it better to use a piece of velcro almost the entire width of the sleeve to hold the sleeve flush against the cup)
And wha-la your finished! Now you have a greener than recyclable paper sleeve :) a re-usable, fully machine washable, and most importantly- a "stylish" coffee cup sleeve, perfect for on the go, just toss it in your bag & add some color to your coffee drinking experience!

For my gift wrapping I put some shredded paper left over from Easter in the Starbucks cups, poked holes using my awl and threaded the lid with a piece of hemp string. Along with a little hand written message: Thank You!!.......aLL SmiLes....Arlin Jack

Did you give teacher appreciation gifts? would love to hear other ideas....because lord only knows I have many school years ahead of me!

I've got lots more crafty creations to post...the sewing "itch" is STRONG right now...:) It's just finding the darn time to upload pics and blog! Life is busy busy!

Wishing all a creative weekend!


  • Pam

    Very cute idea……..till I read all the way I thought the paper fill was the Starbuck sleeve cut real thin. Such a cute way to give a gift card that added punch.

  • Tammy

    “sew” flippin cool Tyler!! Thanks for the idea!! My husband collects all the sleeves he gets and keeps them in his truck for me because I have baby hands that “burn” on things even lukewarm! LOL!! This is perfect for me! :o) Hope you are having a nifty day!! {{hugs}} Tam!

  • funderson


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