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analysis paralysis...

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The term "analysis paralysis" or "paralysis of analysis" refers to over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation, so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome. A decision can be treated as over-complicated, with too many detailed options, so that a choice is never made, rather than try something and change if a major problem arises. A person might be seeking the optimal or "perfect" solution upfront, and fear making any decision which could lead to erroneous results, when on the way to a better solution.

My parents gave me a gift certificate (a big one) to Dick Blick to say thank you for helping them with their new house.

I've spent WAY too many hours surfing each and every section...why is this so hard???! If I were completely broke I'd find a million things to buy, things I probably would never even use. I've got to get it together their BIG sale ends the 15th!!

Help! taking all suggestions...what would you buy from Dick Blick??


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  • abby jane on

    i’m having analysis paralysis in my relationship. . . maybe all this therapy isn’t helping! i would do paints and paper and canvas. . . as big of a canvas as i could get! huge canvases. . .

  • Shelly Massey on

    Oh my, that IS a hard decision! I’d probably spend it on a book and then wish I’d spent it on paint… or canvas… or pens. Oops, I’m no help at all! I hope you got it all figured out… let us know!! :) -Shelly

  • michelle on

    i buy a lot from them. museum wrapped canvases, some of their heavy bodied paints, fabriano paper-great for journals…. ohhhh you lucky girl!!!

  • regina on

    How fun and nerve wracking! I’m have the same problem, but different supply shop.

    I hope you find some stuff you love.

  • Hagit on

    Hi, I don’t normally comment here, so this is a good chance to say hello, I enjoy your blog! :) and I just had to comment, because it’s as though you described me! Analysis-Paralysis. exactly my state so much of the time! I ask too many questions before I can actually get things done. Even in my arting/crafting endeavors, I’ll analyze everything to death before I can do it. It needs to have a good reason and explanation, and sometimes I won’t do it, just becaue I haven’t found a good enough explanation! :-)

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