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metal journal workshop....

Looking forward to this Saturday!

I'm attending Tracy Moore's metal journal workshop at the Seattle Art Annex. I've been perusing our local architectural salvage shops for some goodies.


I found these above pieces at Second Use they've got a "mystery" bin of metal scraps- prolly my favorite place to peek every time I go (which is prolly way too often!) That's were I found the circle metal plate with the holes- who knows what it was from-maybe a drain cover?...but it's cool! and I can think of a million different artistic uses for it! I've got a bin I toss any metal scraps I find interesting into in my studio. With our house remodeling I've added some bits for free. :) I'm excited to break out my dremel along with some other tools this weekend and learn some new techniques from the master mind of metal journal making....tracy's work is pretty amazing.

You can see some of his hand made journals here.



  • spindelmaker

    Oh, can I tag along? Pretty-please?? :-)

  • funderson


  • Lea

    He does amazing things! Can’t wait to see what you end up with!

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