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blog giveaway!

the exciting news?

NO...I'm not pregnant, and NO I didn't win the lotto...darn.

but I DID get off my butt and transfer all my business paper work to the state of Washington! Proud to announce Baby Lux Design is now officially part of the Seattle business world!

With that being said I submitted a proposal and application to be a part of this years Art Dive at Summerfest hosted by Twilight Artist Collective...I've been anxiously awaiting their answer the past 2 weeks...they accepted my application!

Save the dates! JULY 8-9-10th Baby Lux Design will be selling lots of baby goodies and art all three days!

Now for the...Blog Giveaway:

Enter to win a Baby Lux Design hand made fabric flower pin ($8 value)

fabric flower pin

How to enter:

Please take a look at each onesie design below. Then leave me a comment ranking your top 5 favorite onesie designs in order by the "name" I listed above the pictures: #1 being your favorite (you love it)....down to #5 (you kinda like it-sorta)

***Blog Giveaway will be open 'till midnight Sunday May 22nd. UPDATE** Giveaway will be open till midnight Tuesday!!Tell your friends to come help me out!**Winner will be announced Wednesday the 25th. How will I pick a winner you ask? I'm going to use one of those random number generators, your comment in order received will be your "lucky number" /fabric flower pins

I'll even let you pick your flower pin color combo! if you win!!! :)

O.k. here we go....

"RawR!" the dino...

RawR! dinosaur applique

"Mr. Inky" the octopus...

mr. inky

"city scoot" my rendition of a vespa...

City Scoot- vespa scooter applique

shake,rattle & "Rock n'RoLL!"

Rock n' RoLL!

"daisy mae" big flower...

Mocha Blossom- onesie

"baby RoO" Mama kangaroo...

"Baby Roo!" applique

"Angel" sweet wings...

Angel onesie

"Cherries" sweet as pie!

Cherries! Onesie

Mr. or Misses "Raccoon"...

"Raccoon" onesie

"BeN BoT"


  • Janice

    I kept lookingand kept saying oh, I like that one, oh, i like that one.It’s going to be hard to pick the top five.
    1. Baby Roo
    2. Daisy Mae
    3. Chereries
    4. Mr. Inky
    5. Angel
    I love them all.

  • Tyler

    Thank YOU ladies!!! this blog giveaway is now CLOSED…winner will be announced shortly! :)


  • Elysia

    Ahh sorry so late but no need to win just give my opinion. 1. Rawrr 2. Raccoon 3. Cherries 4. Angel 5. Rock n roll

    And Congrats on July Art thing! Looking forward to it:-)

  • Vickie

    I missed the deadline but your designs are all so very cute. I especially like “daisy mae” (very girly), “Mr Inky”, “RawR”. Congrats on your Summerfest spot.

  • Amy Skinner

    Hey Girl… you’re as awesome and uber-talented as ever. I miss your creative energy in the ‘hood!
    Here are my top 5’s (just because I love you, not to be in the drawing!):
    1. RawR the dino
    2. Baby RoO
    3. Daisy Mae
    4. Rock n’ Rll
    5. City Scoot

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