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my metal journal

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Tracy Moore's metal journal workshop was just as fun as I thought it would be. I was a little brain felt like it was going to explode the entire day...being in a space with such creative people, the energy is intense. It's so cool.

that's Tracy standing over the table helping a couple attendees...

what I wouldn't do to have the stash of stamp sets Tracy has- geesh!

I said to myself when I registered for this workshop (just after artfest) that I was going to plan ahead and have design all mapped out. Yeah, that didn't happen and all those cool pieces of metal scrap I bought at Second Use last week....well, it would have helped to read Tracy's pdf. notes for the workshop...we were scheduled to make a 3.5"x5" journal....everything I bought was way TOO big! But I pulled something together! It's kinda of my the cuff (wait I don't wear cuffs) how bout- off the hip?!


this is the stage of drilling all my sewing holes using a dremel, you use finishing nails to tack your metal and leather down to a wood surface so your pieces don't move on you while your drilling a bizz-illon holes!

My finished journal- can you believe it! I finished something in one workshop! (of course I missed out on eating lunch though!)

the black metal piece on the front right corner is actually one of the second use pieces I got- it's an old door mail slot I cut it using a dremel. I left the original pre drilled holes cause they were the eyes of my little character I saw, then I drilled new smaller holes below and made my own rivets to attach the piece to the copper journal front

my journal

the gold feather is a piece from a broken necklace of mine. I've started saving all those random one earrings and misc. broken jewelry bits of mine...figuring artfully they'll all be reborn again!IMG_4925

the leg charm was a gift from Tracy- last five minutes of class I was brainstorming a closure for my journal...using a sewn on silver button through drilled holes with waxed binding thread the leg charm wraps around the button and dangles down...


inside: 6- 6 page ea. signatures of 70lb. cold press paper.

my journal

while binding all the signatures's a good idea to focus- it's easy to skip holes and end up wonky- i had to be mindful of talking during this process :)


Shhh...I've already bought more metal to make another one! Got the hub's dremel out (can you believe it he has 2-one cordless! and he didn't even tell me!) that's alright-they're mine now! I'll knock the dust off them far before he will. Stay tuned for another journal- looks Molly will get her birthday present afterall! :)

P.S. The blog giveaway will be open till Tuesday midnight- so tell a friend to enter!

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  • Vickie on

    Some folks put stuff together and it still looks like stuff. Others put stuff together and it looks like art. Awesome, artistic job!

  • Tammy on

    holy freakin moly!!!! I love this tyler! It’s so fantastic!! Did you use a torch to patina your cover?? It is just so so beautiful. Sigh, I love handmade books! Did tracy teach the binding and everything or did you already know how?? it’s just awesome!!LOVE IT!

  • Your Dad on

    You are soooo dam talented. . . Can’t wait to see you again. Tell little man grandpa Tom’s coming with more presents. Love Ya Big Time!!!

  • michelle on

    oh my GUSH, just beautiful!!! seriously killer Tyler. great combo of materials.

  • regina on

    Your journal turned out awesome!! Looks like a really fun class. Tracey is so cool. You are lucky to be so close to the annex.

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