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can it be summer already?

I've been a bad blogger, I know. Life just seems busy, especially with the hub traveling a bit. I've been sewing Baby Lux product like a mad woman, managing to crunch out about 30 bibs in the last two days!

So it was time to squeeze something fun in. I finished this project during nap time today...


no need for long sleeves this summer...........


took the sleeves off at an angle, cut them open, then cut them into 2 1/2" wide strips. Then sewed 2 strips together to make long first this was the direction I was going....

first idea...

but it was quickly x-nayed when I went to put it on and pin ruffles into place.... (i don't exactly need any additional fluffing around the chest area) hmm...?but it looked so darn cute on the ironing board! So plan b, I started tinkering with adding ruffles to the collar area...


Not been one to rock ruffles in the past...but I'm really diggin' this tee. I will possibly try this creation again and photo document it for a tutorial...?!


have you refashioned anything lately?

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  • michelle on

    very cute. have you ever considered making some sweet hats? especially since you totally rock them yourself.

  • Vickie on

    Charities would go out of business if we all had your creative abilities. We could just refashion! What a cute idea!

  • Pam on

    To darn cute. The first layout of ruffles would be awesome for a little girl, but a lot of us don’t need/want the extra fluff in the front :) ! I may have to review my St. Vincent De Paul stack and let you know what I can REPURPOSE.

  • spindelmaker on

    Super-cute for a super-efficient business-woman! :-)

  • abby jane on

    so cute! sorry i didn’t have time to come visit you. . . i did try and call a few times, should have left a message. . . love you, miss you. i am going to try and come out a bit more regularly.

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