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toddler skirts & play-doh dates

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Life sure is a balancing act, ain't it?

I have never been SO tired in my entire life. My kiddo thinks sleep is overrated. Man I tell ya' from the minute he wakes up it's-Go, go................GO! I'm trying to find balance in parenting and running this crafty business by sewing during morning preschool time, nap time and after bath n' bedtime stories which turns into the wee hours of the morning....(all while the hub is in India)

...yesterday I sat down next to Jackers to check out his new Batman toy...and the next thing I knew I was being woken up by the dog licking my face....ick. whoa I'm tired. (**no worries folks; no toddler was harmed during this much needed nap time-it was only a few minutes!)

speaking of the monkey...

arlin jack

He is lucky he's this darn cute. He's giving terrible two's a run for their money with team name "3's terror."

Yah... little booger locked me out of the house yesterday while I was taking the trash out. He thought it was funny. and when the dog got all excited and started barking he then thought it was REALLY funny.

Mama didn't think it was funny.not one bit... Arrrgh

But we got through it...

We have lots of good times. thankfully. We have play-doh dates at least once or twice a week. It's one of Jacker's favorite things to do, my favorite too...I actually get all into it...and Arlin bosses me around telling me what to make next.

play-doh monsters

our play-doh monsters!

O.k. now for some sewing talk and sharing...I made these skirts last few days...and there's like 6 more in production...I tweaked a pattern I got a while back to my liking. Now I'm playing with different shape pockets...these will be making there way to the webstore soon!

baby lux toddler skirt

baby lux-toddler skirt band

baby lux toddler skirt

back pocket...

baby lux toddler skirt- back pocket

happy monday!

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  • Bree on

    Isn’t that funny! My hub is in India too! And yes they reckon that the terrible two’s are now actually the terrible three’s. Lucky our boys are nearly finished that hey?

  • spindelmaker on

    Cute skirts! You´re really busy with the production, aren´t you. The festival/market is getting closer, isn´t it? Best of luck to you. And remember you work much more efficient when you actually get enough sleep, so don´t worry about taking naps :-)

  • funderson on

    he is SO cute…I never understood the terrible 2 thing with by boy either. 3 is Trouble.

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