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project restyle...t-shirt skirt

I headed to the thirft store this morning to search for some furniture inspiration for displaying my product at the Art Dive/ Summerfest event in 3 weeks... We have an 8ft x 2ft table space to work within. With all the commotion a fair brings, food, lots of little people :) It makes me a little uneasy to have all white onesies just laying on the table...if they're touched over & over, well then they're dirty and dirty shirts aren't gonna sell!- not to mention anything laying flat on the table won't exactly draw a crowd.

***All suggestions welcome! PLEASE! feel free to help me generate some ideas and leave me a comment...I'd love to hear your ideas!!! here are a few of the things I'll be selling at the event: appliqued baby onesies, baby bibs, toddler skirts & shirts, flower pins, bubble magnets, fabric buntings etc.etc.***

While I was at the thrift store I scored a handful of cool things-yay! I grabbed this mens XL t-shirt for .99 cents and really I had no clue what I was going to do with it until I was driving home...I thought it was big enough for sure to make a skirt...

t-shirt recycle...

But I didn't exactly wanna end up with the silk screen design on the front center...because it'd be right smack on my crotch.hmmm..... so I just jumped the gun and cut off the sleeves and cut across right below the neckline ring and started playing around with where I might be able to get the skirt cut and move the logo off center...lucky for me this is a cheap had no side seams to work around allowing me to utilize the t-shirt sides as part of the front...

end result: I have a .99 cent uber comfy t-shirt skirt. (like wearing your pajamas comfy) there will be more of these made indeed.after

yours truly...


happy hump day.




  • Vickie

    You are so creative! What a great idea and you wear it well!

  • regina

    I LOVE this skirt. Your so cute Tyler!!

    Now I’m going to have to hunt for a cool T.

  • duck t shirt

    duck t shirt…

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  • Tyler

    For the waistline I just used a piece of 3/4" elastic….folded the top of the skirt down a 1/4" then another 1" sewed close to the edge and then fed the elastic through with a safety pin…..then finished off the seam with the sewing machine! :) cheers! -tyler

  • spindelmaker

    Cute´n crafty! That´s you in a nutshell :-) Love what you did to the T-shirt. So creative, and it turned out looking so great!

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