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bathroom update...

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It dawned on me late (late) last night while I was sewing a new shower curtain for our bathroom that I never shared before and after pictures of our bathroom remodel...So, here you are...

before- upstairs bath remodel...

bathroom remodel

bye bye linen closet

bathroom remodel
after a LOT of laboring TLC...
.after bathroom remodel
after bathroom remodel

I used clearance ikea fabrics (same as I did in my studio) to sew a new shower curtain.

after bathroom remodel

new bathroom vanity

I'm loving this new vanity, because it's floating it makes the bathroom feel so much more open, larger really...

new door set up...

Decided to change the door configuration. It was a swing into the bathroom, which took up a lot of space. So I ordered the hardware for a sliding door. The last thing on the list is to replace the old door jamb with white square moldings like what you see on the outside...and replace the door with a solid wood slab, probably a 3 panel shaker or perhaps a 5 panel?! temporarily we have the old door up. 

What do you think?!

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  • funderson on

    Gorgeous! I like the floor.

  • michelle on

    LOVE it! love the colors and just the overall feel of it. that floating cabinet ROCKS!

  • Anna Maria Larsen on

    I love the new look….Dad and I can’t wait to see it first hand!

    Love always,

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