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Esty party in Pictures...

It was fun. I met some really cool girls. I even bumped into a few familiar faces from Artfest.

Seattle Global Etsy Craft Party 2011

there were raffle tickets you could buy for a dollar. I bought a few...and although my numbers didn't get called there was a super sweetheart in the group who's numbers got called twice (she's obviously a luck magnet) well you can't win twice- so she reached over and handed me her ticket. After stalling in amazement, I's me, it's me I have the lucky number...I never win raffles....other than a "cow dropping" contest back in high lucky is that- I won because a cow pooped in my square.......yuk! who thought of that raffle idea anyways?! But any-who....I scored a tote bag full of goodies:)

some pebeo glass paints, a bottle of modge podge, lots of martha stuart cupcake & treat wrappers, a cool tin full of sewing pins, a gift certificate to Echos of Summer on Etsy, a modern cross stitch hat by Stitch Duchess...and this book...

looks like I'm going to have to host my own little crafty party :)

Seattle Global Etsy Craft Party 2011

isn't Chelsie's shirt cute?! her art is pretty cool too!

vintage button rings...

Seattle Global Etsy Craft Party 2011 

Seattle Global Etsy Craft Party 2011

screen print...

Seattle Global Etsy Craft Party 2011

Seattle Global Etsy Craft Party 2011

fabric flowers made from recycled t-shirts, buttons, a paper clip and floral tape (my kinda project!)Seattle Global Etsy Craft Party 2011
...and a crafty evening out with the girls wouldn't be complete without some cupcakes! so  we headed to Cupcake Royale for some yummies after the event.

cupcake royale- seattle

red velvet in the front and holly hobby in the back. nom.nom!

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  • abby jane

    i forgot my camera @ mine! it was fun though, grey garden themed. . . i volunteered and helped people tie turbins a la little edie. . . made buttons, a glitter card, and cat toys! it was cute and met some fun people. . . didn’t have as many as yours and it was at the library! you know how much I LOVE the library. especially the denver public! it’s the coolest. wish we could have gone together!

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