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mini cruiser onesie...

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New in the shop today. "Mini Cruiser"...

mini cruiser-onesie

a light weight denim cotton combo... for the boys!

mini cruiser applique onesie

This onesie design is a spin off a tee made for Arlin a while back. He's since out grown the t-shirt that I loved so much, so I thought it was time to recreate it for the shop...

sewing. sewing sewing...sing it with me now!

and  but of course- a little bit of sleep. cooking. cleaning. cutting the grass.laundry. blah.blah.blah.

I'm feeling the heat (can you tell?) Days are getting a little blurry...have I sewn enough product??? Only time will tell. Doesn't help I've changed my mind a bizillion and one times on what set up I'm gonna do for the event. I'm just hoping it will all fall into place. After all I have nothing really to "gage" sales of this seattle event off of just previous markets back in Denver... So I'll just plan on enjoying myself and soaking in the sun and crowd.

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  • spindelmaker on

    This rocks! I´m sure it will be a hit, as your other designs. You are so good, Tyler! Hang in there with the sewing, and I´m sure you´ll be a huge hit!

  • Pam on

    Love the colors for a boy and they compliment your labels :)

  • Anna Maria Larsen on

    I love it! I felt like I was in the car heading for the beach…

    Hope Chad is feeling better…we’d love to catchup with you!

    Love always,

  • regina on

    He hee, love reading your blog and singing too, ‘sewing, sewing, sewing’…

    Cutest little onesie! Love your designs.

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