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baby quilt...(photo heavy)

keeping it real...this is what my studio floor really looks like A LOT of the time...


and all the time I spend day dreaming about installing a new floor in my studio...I think not. The practical side of me, really likes having a concrete floor. I just cut away...or paint away, worry free of the mess I make. That's an ideal studio floor-in my opinion. Although, when it gets to this stage it's just too much of a mess and my brain can't seem to think straight, so I stop and do a maintenance sweep...

I started this baby quilt last week for a super sweet gal I met at the west seattle summerfest festival she had already bought a reversible bib and coordinating appliqued onesie. She then requested I craft up a custom baby quilt in the same fabrics I had used in the onesie design. Other than that she gave me full reign on size, pattern design and color combination....these are the BEST types of orders. I feel like I pour my heart into them because I can. Maybe because I'm free to do whatever I want?! Anyways, I love it when customers trust me to do my own thing. :)

Here are the beginning blocks. And of course you know me...always without a pattern. I DID pattern surf my library of books and look at inspirational pics on Flickr, where I happened to stumble on this creative quilter Why not Sew- wow is she inspiring! But in my surfing I got impatient as usual and I just said ah heck I'm just gonna go for it. I've always loved the modern feel of log cabins so I started there.

baby quilt

Then surrounded my log cabin blocks in a soft cream cotton flannel.  Each block a little different from the next, I did try and capture flowers in the centers because it's for a baby girl. Next I started thinking about layout, I had 9 finished blocks measuring approximately 9.5" x 9.5" each and I knew the blankets finished size was going to be stroller friendly and on the smaller side. I still didn't know the design layout at this stage below... I just laid the blocks out in a pattern I liked then started playing with different fabric scraps next to them.

baby lux design quilt

I decided I'd piece all blocks together using a 100% cotton linen look alike (inspired by the carpet color actually!)...I really love how soft the palette of colors are surrounding the bold Amy Butler blue and red blossom print and bright lux quilt

Next...I've always wanted to experiment with mixing applique details like I do on my baby onesies and toddler tees and thought why not?! so above pic is me experimenting with some flower cutouts from the amy butler print (nothing is sewn on yet) I hemmed and hawed then just went for it! having no clue how I'd end up quilting the blanket around the appliques.

Next...(are you bored yet?) I added another border to give me the finished measurement I was looking for and a punch of color to separate the binding fabric I wanted to use.

baby quilt top complete...

Then I created my quilt sandwich using warm and natural cotton quilters batting and quilted  the quilt

And...I watched the movie Timer -cute indie flick on my i-pad while I hand sewed my blind stitch binding...

And she's all finished!

babyluxdesign quilt

babyluxdesign quilt

babyluxdesign quilt

babyluxdesign quilt

babyluxdesign quilt

babyluxdesign quilt

makes me want to finish some other quilts I have started... Every time I finish a quilt I'm flooded with a huge amount of respect for all you serious quilters out there! (Ahem, Bree!) quilts take patience, and time and more TIME! : all measuring, cutting each piece, sewing, pressing, squaring the blocks up....etc. etc.

Next time you look at a quilt, think of the quilters process...they really are amazing hand crafted (heart felt) pieces of art....and usually worth every penny!

happy monday.

ps. and best part of this whole process is handing the finished quilt over...she loved it...and that's all the payment I need ;)


  • Nadine

    i love i so much !
    sooooo cute !!!!!!

  • Bree

    very cute and I do like the little flower appliques.
    and thank you for the mention, although I’ve been pretty knitting and crochet heavy lately I do still love the quilting process, even though it can be very long and arduous.

  • Geri

    Wow! This is gorgeous – I wonder if my sister knows about you (she’s a quilter)…Thanks for linking into artsee bloggers!

  • Elysia

    Looks AmaZing!! Awesome job:)

  • jenn

    it’s beautiful!! you’ve been busy!

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