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pendant flag and new fence

I feel SO behind at blogging I almost can't even seem to pick a topic to blog about!


We got a new fence. It's modern and sleek and it was SO needed!! Now I can tell our mutt, Mr. Otis and Jacker's to play O-u-t-s-i-d-e!!!

really it's a beautiful thing to prepare dinner and not have the boys bugging me.

Big thanks to Brian (of Rain City Renovations) for all his hard work in making our collection of inspirational photos come to life.


 we had no fence up in the back now it's all buttoned up


and lucky for us our neighbor wanted to replace his fence too...all sides are pretty spiffy now.


Brian had plexi-glass panels cut to size by a guy in Fremont for the side fence running the length of the house.


this is one of two 14 ft. pendant flag strands I've sewn for some good friendsIMG_5412

 they're celebrating their son's 1st Birthday this weekend and are going to criss cross the 2 strands with some lantern lights outside on their deck


now I want to sew one for us! I was sad to take it down...
fabric bunting

the fabrics were super fun to shop for...such a funky bright mix of colors. I made my own bias tape out of a vintage stripe I had on hand. The fabric combo worked out nicely.

I still have to take pictures of the fences at the front of the house...we did a slightly different design style looks really smart.

And as for sewing! I haven't stopped since the festival! I'm wrapping up a custom ordered baby quilt tonight. Pictures and the process are to follow.




  • abby jane

    beautiful fence! it’s amazing!

  • regina

    You have a beautiful back yard and fence too. I’m way too embarrassed to show my back yard. Doesn’t help that we live in a desert either. Dry, dry, dry.

    I love pennant banners. SO fun. You definitely need one for your back yard now.

  • michelle

    what a beautiful yard and fence! love the rock wall too!!! oh, and the pendant flag! :)

  • jenn

    woohoo!! the fence looks great. And it looks so nice and cool there! can I move in?

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