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too funny...

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it's too funny not to share.

I dropped Arlin off at preschool yesterday morning and his teacher, Mrs. Cara said she had a favor to ask of me...

See...these two puppets (mr. knight and ms. cow) had been wounded somehow during play time and they were in desperate need of some thread and needle t.l.c...

I told her I'd do my best to sew em' up.

The wounded soldiers before puppet surgery...

puppets in need

I knew I could fix ms. cow no problem. I whip stitched her shoulder shut in a matter of minutes, but as I pulled my hand out of the body stuffing came out of her I turned her inside out and sewed in a casing at her neckline....puppet surgery

all better...

puppet surgery

As for Mr. Knight...I'm sure he put up a great fight, but the hole in his face was just too big and frayed to stitch shut. Hmmm,puppet needs surgery

So... laughing all the way I crafted him a "fabric bandaid" for his boo-boo.

puppet surgery

now he's ready for some serious playtime at preschool.Oh, fun stuff and a good laugh....I figured Mrs. Cara and Ms. Bryna would laugh too....Or never ask me again to sew another class room puppet!

Happy Friday! Enjoy the sunshine!


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