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dress to skirt (tutorial)

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A friend asked if I could take a strapless dress of hers that was collecting dust in her closet cause it wasn't comfortable and turn it into a skirt. She gave me a favorite a-line skirt of hers to use as a reference for shape and size.

Here are my journal pages...and a few snapped photos as I went through the process...

dress to skirt 01
dress to skirt 02
dress to skirt 03

dress to skirt 04

The skirt given to me as the reference (pattern):


the strapless dress (w/empire waist tie): 

before :a dress

First step...removing the waistline tie, and cutting the tube top off the dress... then cutting up both skirt sides following the a-line shape 5/8" out (room for seam allowance)

project restyle

folding down top of skirt about an inch to an 1 1/4" and pin for waistline casing allowance

project restyle
I stopped taking pictures at this point but you can catch the rest in my sketches!
project restyle

And the skirt...

project restyle

fun idea to transform something you don't wear into something you will! better than tossing it out!


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  • Pam on

    Well I would say that is one lucky friend…… the skirt is darling. Makes me want to dig thru my closet and see if I can’t reinvent some of the things that just collect dust.

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