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where I sew...

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Pink Chalk Studios is hosting a month long..."Where I Sew" blog posting to celebrate the creative spaces of some of their favorite designers as well as anyone else who wants to share a sneek peek of their sewing space. I strolled on over to join the fun and stayed up way too late surfing inspirational blogs and photos of other gals sewing studios...It's so neat to see others spaces.

studio 01

I blogged pics of my studio a while back here

I've been adding some more storage solutions lately...

I'm thrilled with my handy embroidery thread storage=plastic gallon paint bucket (Jo-Ann's) and toy vending machine plastic domes with snap off just drill little holes in the top for the thread to pull through.

my little one eyed monster is the pins and needles keeper. i've had the containers forever but never labeled em'.

water pitchers from Arlin's montessori school days- they seem to hold a lot of things...including paint brushes!


this wood rack is a life saver! for all measuring tools! (thank you Jane!)

to see some inspiring sewing spaces you should head on over and check em' out...and add yours to the collection before it's too late!

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  • Geri on

    What a lovely space- is it always this tidy?

  • abby jane on

    yup, it’s a great space tyler! i gotta come visit. . .

  • Hong Kong on

    Hong Kong…

    i sew | Baby Lux Blog[…]…

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