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new handbag...

amy butler handbag fully lined handbag handbag Misc. Creations! sewing sewn hand bag

I bought a pattern over the weekend. But I couldn't find any fabrics that called out to me so I just ended up doing a test run in Amy Butler fabrics I had on hand.

After seeing it finished I knew exactly what I wanted my handbag to look like. So late yesterday I cut all the pieces and laid them out to be sewn this morning and made notes of some pattern tweaking; I wanted to make the handle wider and add more stitching detail as well add some woven interfacing to strengthen it. I also was not going to use Pellon Craft Fuse again, made the purse kind of stiff in my opinion. So I picked up 3 yards of a woven fusible interfacing, more expensive, but totally worth it!

the amy butler test run bag...


it might have to be a double post day. I've finished my new handbag....and LOVE the fabric combo and I'm thrilled with the beefier handle. But for now I must sign off......Gotta walk up to jacker's preschool we have a park date just Arlin and Mama (and of course snacks!)



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  • regina on

    Cool!! I can’t wait to see your new version. This one is pretty cool too.

    Thank you for my fabric flowers too! I love them and wore the brooch to Art Unraveled today. Everyone loved it and I made sure to tell them where to get there own :)

  • Anna Maria Larsen on

    I love the bag!!! I especially appreciate the pockets – the one on the outside for phone, etc., the inside ones for lip gloss…. I want you to make one for me! Would you add another outside pocket or two for keys and glasses? Need to separate them so they don’t scratch one another…



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