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thrifty new handbag!

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I picked up this "Moo-Moo" dress at the Goodwill thrift store weeks ago with the idea I'd make a criss cross open back tank top out of it...inspired from something I saw on Pintrest my gosh I get lost in la-la land every time I log onto that site! If you haven't already heard of it you should join the fun (and if you need an invite just let me know!)

O.k. so back to my thrift store dress....I'm totally addicted to linen lately it's such a summer time fabric, I'm drawn to it every time I fabric shop . But in reality I'm too frugal to spend the money on it. I also confess: I DON'T do dry cleaning. So...I typically settle for linen look alikes that are 100% cotton, machine washable and half the cost per yard....that is unless I find a black linen moo-moo dress for a $1.99 at the thrift store...well, clearly there's yardage here to be re-fashioned!

thrift store dress

Linen can be a booger to sew. It moves and if you don't pin it you'll see just how much it moves! Learning this from a previous project I opted to back my black linen cuts with the fusible woven interfacing I picked up. It worked out well and was much easier to cut my pattern pieces and sew smoothly

My new bag. I love, love, love it! And I got a compliment on it this morning, (I was a total proud Mama!)

my new hand bag
It's really hard to photograph an all black bag in low lighting. And it ain't easy being cheesy photographing yourself in the mirror either. Oh well...


I had used this orange and grey chevron print on the last pendant flag bunting I made...fell in love with it's retro vibe so I bought more to make the lining of the bag interior and pockets. The bag pattern called for 1 1/4 yards for the exterior fabric and 1 1/4 yards for the interior fabric, 3 yards of woven interfacing, and optional magnetic clasps for the flap and pockets....when you add it all up it's a pretty penny for a hand made handbag....unless you get thrifty on it! (the interfacing cost double what I spent on the fabric)

Can you tell I'm easily humored?

Girl loves a bargain!



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  • Elysia on

    Oh how I would love one as well! Especially walking to work so much some of my purses/bags get so heavy and depending on straps kill my shoulders! Anywho looks sweet:) Any yes send me invite please..

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  • Tammy on

    LOVE this!!! I want one! xoxox Great job on it tyler :o) Love your post with your sweet boy too! Hes so adorable :o) Have a super day!

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