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According to Arlin Jack:

favorite food...Shrimp!

game...Hide n' go Seek!

toy...Buzz Lightyear!

book..."Cars and Trucks and Things that GO!" by Richard Scarry

movie...Toy Story!

TV show...Curious George!

iPad game...Ant Squisher!

favorite like mimjas!


place to go...Benji-ben's house!

store..."I don't wanna go shoppin' Mama!..."

clothes to comfy pants!

number... 3 1/2!

song..."turn that music up Mama!"


According to Mama (Arlin's translator):

favorite food...peanut butter/jelly sandwich, cherry tomatoes, shrimp or clams or sushi

game...let's squirt Mama with the garden hose

toy...anything I try to get rid of...Arlin magically falls in love with his baby toys all over again if he sees me box them up for donation.

book..."Cars and Trucks and Things that GO!" by Richard Scarry he has the copy that was mine as a kid- we have fun reading it together and searching for Mr. Goldbug or Bulldozer

movie...Toy Story 1&2, Ponyo or Monsters Inc.

TV show... Anything on Netflix. This little guy can maneuver around on the i-pad almost better than I can! I have to hide my i-pad from him, he's deleted email inboxes before yah, that's not good.

iPad game..."Ant Smasher" a free game. completely silly.

favorite like "Ninjas"

treat...swedish fish- he's had them twice from ikea and still asks for them all the time!

place to go...anywhere he can play with kids (of any age) at the park I swear Arlin thinks he's like 12 or something, not afraid to approach much older kids and play along with whatever their doing, funny most of the time they let him tag along

store...Target cause he knows they sell Legos.

clothes to wear...his comfy pants, translation: his handmade jammie pants (by grandma shelly)

number... 3 1/2 cause that's how old he is! we talk about when his birthday is almost everyday it seems (oh the anticipation!)

song...he'll jam out to anything I play in the car and rock out in his car seat (it's amazing he doesn't give himself whiplash!)

This morning I'm sewing curtains for Arlin's monster BIG window in his room...he's very excited that the fabric has robots on it.

So cute, with a big kiss he says........."Thanks Mama! that makes me happy. Robots and trains are RAD!!!"

Happy Friday.


  • Anna Maria Larsen


    I’m so grateful that you did a blog on our precious Arlin!!! Dad and I miss him so much…..especially me!!! Tell him that Grandma is going to eat his face when I see him….

    Love always,

  • abby jane

    awe, i’m gonna cry a little bit i think. . . we miss him!

  • Kaitlin Mattingly

    My goodness he is precious…love that little man and miss you all dearly!


  • Pam

    Give him a big hug for us…..send a pic of the curtain fabric.

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