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California doggies...(photo heavy)

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Wear fancy collars!

While family was visiting they picked out some fabrics they liked for me to make the family pups, Isabelle and Winston some custom collars. My step-mom also told me I should look into making doggie necklaces. I thought she was crazy. I had no clue dogs wore necklaces and I surely hadn't the first clue how to make one but thought it couldn't be any different than a human?! Shel, did advise me that the dog necklace had to be made stretchy, like a kids necklace would be. to Michael's and JoAnn's I went with a vision of what might match my pale pink/grey collar I had already made...

Home I came with a package of Designer's choice elastic beading cord, two strands of plastic chunky beads, one a pale pink and one clear, along with some fancier pink and white glass beads I found on sale (buy 2 get one free)...

then to see what I was doing, I put a black piece of fabric under my gems...I felt like a jeweler for a minute :) I spaced out the glass beads first to be the necklaces focal points then filled up the spaces with a mixture of the plastic chunky beads

then easy pea-sey I fed the beads onto the elastic cord. I made the necklace the same set length of the doggie collar in this case about 15-16" and tied of each end with a coordinating ribbon and I sent a handful of beads in the package so my step-mom could size the necklace to Isabelle and finish off either tying the elastic together in a knot or leaving the ribbon ties- which ever she preferred.

Ridiculous right?

I even made a matching fabric flower pin and glued a pink rhinestone on the buckle front!

Poor Winston got a plain' ole doggie collar...sorry pal.

And now...for the California Doggie's who know how to rock some seriously "bling" collars! hahaha...







Big thanks to my little sister kaitlin who snapped these photos for me. you can peek her lovely fashion blog here. Kaitlin is in her second year at Woodbury University focusing on Fashion Marketing...I'm very proud of her!


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  • regina on

    That is too cute. I would put a sparkly collar on my kitty if I was sure should wouldn’t kill me in the process. Good for your sister too!

  • Kait on

    SO CUTE(: I love the pictures…ps. it’s second year but no biggy!!!!

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