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kansas city octopus...

beach calef brown Family & Friends kansas city octopus reading to toddlers

Kansas City Octopus

is wearing fancy slacks.

Bell -bottom,

just got 'em,

fifty bucks including tax.

Red Corduroy,

and boy-o-boy,

they fit like apple pie.

Multi-pocket snazzy trousers

custom made for octopi.

Fantastic plastic stretch elastic

keeps em' nice and tight.

Kansas City Octopus

is looking good tonight!

Book: Polka-Bats and Octopus Slacks, 14 stories by Calef Brown

Arlin and I laughed and laughed last night...out of all 14 we read this one twice...maybe three times. Were heading to the beach in a few...trying to squeeze as many "summer time" activities in before the summer is all gone!



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  • Bree on

    I love books like that which are clever and don’t talk down to kids. Fun for parents and the littlies.

    I linkied to you in my last blog, hope you don’t mind :)

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