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Family Crest Flag

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back blogging. lots of it. Just got back from a week vacay pictures and stories to follow but first let me catch you up on some sewing I wrapped up before I left.

Our good friends, Brian and Kathy asked if I might possibly be able to help them drum up a family crest flag. Well, I'm always up for a new project so I said sure.  The story goes like this... Brian is one of six Wicks brothers who with their wives and other relatives take annual vacations with another close family who happens to proudly hang their Irish family crest flag in the cabin each gathering. So the Wicks' brothers brainstormed ideas amongst each other feeling compelled to "out do" the Irish flag. Lucky Wicks have Keith in the circle of brothers, who just happens to be a brilliant and very well known artist who sketched up these pictures below for the new Wicks family crest flag...which I took inspiration from and ran with it!

first step on my part was lots of drawing...and cutting butcher paper pieces for scaling. I had to figure size of the flag and then figure out what fabrics I could use to capture what they were looking for. Lucky for me they were pretty specific with the details. Like "bigger the better." "Shiny and flashy, are good" Gold background, red lettering,white lettering black outlining details, red tassel etc. etc. The hard part for me was figuring out what fabrics I could use to get such fine applique details without fraying...I learned a few things on this project
like I'll never sew on shiny "costume" material again. Just kidding, I will, but I'll know what to expect next time around. I used a stabilizer on the lettering and layered fabrics I think they turned out great.

IMG_1552's BIG. Finished size about 42" inches wide by 4ft. long. I'm a perfectionist for sure so I was pretty critical of it finished and if I had more than a week to make it, I would have re-done a few things but in the end I think overall it's pretty close to what they wanted, and I was pretty stoked on Brian and Kathy's reaction

...O.k. now for the meaning behind all the symbols and words...I had a few good laughs when Brian came over to explain the drawings to me when I started laying out the templates...


Banner in Greek, translation: DAMN GOOD PIECE of MEAT! and the hands below, those are Grandpa Wicks' hands, as he always used to do a certain hand gesture, tapping one hand on the palm of his other to really emphasize just how darn good a piece of meat was gonna be! (this is a tribute to gramps) To get the fine line outline on the hands I used a reverse applique method using a black knit material...


these griffins were tricky business...I found on the 4th try...cutting away the inside first then cutting the outside lines leaving enough room to topstitch worked best...but talk about flimsy,delicate and just about impossible to duplicate two exact same cuttings were!


Yahtzee! a mix of knit fabrics and hand painted dice dots :)


Beer! a mix of man-li-ness brown suede and knit for thin line detailing...


Lawn Darts! (funny-which are now illegal they're so dangerous!) in a mix of knit fabrics

and of course MEAT! on the BBQ...all knit fabrics..


You can see more pics here. The revealing of the flag was a couple days ago...can't wait to hear the rest of the families reaction and hopefully it One Up'ed the Irish flag! GO WICKS!!! :)




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  • spindelmaker on

    Wow! What a job!!! I´ve made a couple of these, and truly appreciate the amount of work you´ve put in! It looks great!!! Love all the finishing on the small details. You´re so good!!!
    Tip for next time: the shiny fabric that´s being difficult? Use pure silk instead. It behaves a lot better.

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