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Super Hero! Tutorial...

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super hero UP!

Can you feel the PoWeR?!?!

Print out below sheets at 100%. Then cut each pattern piece out with scissors, follow the simple step by step instructions and watch your littles have playtime fun!





Supply List:

  • Above pattern pieces printed and cut out
  • Marker or pen to trace pattern pieces onto backside of your fabric
  • Scissors
  • Fabric- a small amount of felt or fleece (or a combo of both) in 2 different colors tip: approximately a 1/4 yard of each fabric can make you a couple sets of masks/cuffs depending on the width of fabric you use, typically fleece is about 54"-60" wide so you could use the smallest cut fabric stores sell and you'll have more than you need :)
  • coordinating thread tip: any color thread will suffice, sometimes more it's fun to use a contrast color thread or even a different bobbin thread color
  • 1/4 or 1/2 inch white or black stretch elastic for mask  tip: measure your kiddies head for best fit. For Arlin's mask I measured his head circumference all the way around at eye level, took the total inches (19") divided that number in half and added about 3.5 inches to that figure, which allows the elastic to be sewn securely onto each side of the mask. ie.) 19"/2= 9"+3.5"= 12.5" inches is how long I cut the elastic piece.
  • approximately 6 inches of white or black 1" wide "sew on" velcro tip: cut this piece in half- one piece for each power cuff


MASK: Follow notes on each print it's drawn in No.2 print out-cut one color fabric true to the mask outline then lay that cut piece on your contrast fabric that you cut in a loose rectangular shape. Topstitch all the way around close to the edge of the mask, both outside edge and inner eye circle edges **remember to leave at least an 1/2" opening on each mask side-to insert each end of your elastic strand. Next, take scissors and cut closely around the outer edge of the mask cutting away your rectangular shape fabric also cut out the inner eye circles too. Lastly secure the elastic band to the mask by tucking each end inside the mask pieces-
sew forward and backward a few times or zig zag stitch to securely sandwich the elastic band- the more stitches the better...these things get tugged on! :)

POWER CUFFS: Follow the same method as the mask only you're making two this time, so cut double. sew your lightning bolt centered onto your circle cut out, then sew your circle centered onto your power cuff exact cut out, next topstitch your fabric power cuff cut out onto your contrast fabric rectangular piece, then cut away the rectangular piece by trimming close to the outer edge. Once your power cuff is sewn, take velcro pieces, pull them apart and sew male velcro piece to one side of power cuff and sew the female velcro piece to the opposite end and opposite side making sure they line up where they would join around the wrist. Repeat this for the other power cuff and your finished!

Action Shots!!!

super hero

Arlin Jack and his favorite partner in crime Tamirut (my adorable nephew



he's holding his "ninja sticks" or so he calls them

If you try this tutorial let me know! I'd love to make a gallery of little heroes in their special power super hero gear!!!


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  • WilliamNok on

    piece of information. Im glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing Tsukiyama

  • spindelmaker on

    Actually you totally have to make a big version of that first photo of him, for his wedding!

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  • jenn on

    so awesome! And just in time for superdaughter’s halloween costume. Thanks!

    (I’m sending photos soon)

  • Anna Maria Larsen on

    Way too cute!!!!!!!!! I want the SuperGrandma Package so that I can keep up them!!!

    Hugs and blessings,
    Anna Maria (aka Mom/Grandma)

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