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Not in the mood for blogging lately can you tell? Sorry. I have missed you all.  Just been busy living lately. Lots of reading, researching journaling/painting and house fixing! More on that later. Everything is coming along nicely though.

Instead of watching garbage reality t.v. we've been surfing documentaries on netflix. Thought I'd share a few the hub and I watched over the weekend. If you have any interest after watching these trailers I recommend you watch the movies. Really well done, made me think about some of my own eating habits but more importantly what I'm teaching my son about food.

Both of these flicks sent us in a tail spin of thoughts. For starters we've promised ourselves we will not be purchasing vegetables or fruit from anywhere BUT local Washington farms...the closer to home the better. And case in point after watching the "Ingredients" documentary it's worth spending the extra pennies to buy LOCAL ORGANIC...rather than saving a few dollars for fruits and vegetables that are being transported from somewhere out of state or even across the country.

When you think about the life of Kiwi fruit coming from New Zealand you might as well tack on a week for transit time, or know the fruit was picked too early. Buy local and you have longer shelf life of fresh produce not mention all the good you're doing for your community by supporting your local farmers.

Which by the way.....what has happened America? Farming is not even an occupational category anymore?! What??

With the rapid growing rate of construction across the U.S alongside the disappearing farm land where will we be in 50 years? And What will we be eating??? Have you ever mapped out a grocery store? Really you should only be shopping and eating food that's on the perimeter of the store...everything in the middle is boxed and OVER PROCESSED!!! Oh Geez don't get me started.

[youtube uQeKkiyCluM]

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead - Official Trailer from Team Reboot on Vimeo.

And this above movie just further fed my mapping the grocery store out. It's really sad to think about the type 2 diabetes epidemic the upcoming generations of America face and the true causes behind it...The food industry foremost...their gimmicks, over marketed, over packaged, over processed, preservative packed......crap. That's how they make money. And that's how people are NOwhere near as healthy as they/we should be.

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  • regina on

    I watched the second film yesterday, right after I read this post. Very well done and so inspiring. If only I could get my in-laws and parents to watch it. I’ve seen the other one already. It’s really good too.

    These kinds of films make me feel so sad and frustrated, especially when so many people around me don’t seem to care. But they also inspire me to feed myself and my kids as well as I can.

    Great stuff!

  • abby jane on

    watch Forks Over Knives too! that just came out. . . Earthlings. . . love and miss you much!

  • Elysia on

    Word! I usually only shop at Madison Market and farmers markets. I LOVE Madison Market though! Go there if you don’t have place near you it’s awesome and they have a great bulk section for everything too.. grains, nuts, granola, spices, teas, dried fruit, snacks, pasta, everything!

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