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I'm almost embarrassed to share this story but it's SO me. I was cleaning at my wallets, yes I carry two small ones, one with my credit card, library card and insurance bits and the other has everything else like grocery club cards, car wash stamp cards tru- value hardware store card, yada, yada. Well, this everything catch all wallet is rarely cleaned out.

What do ya' know...I found an Anthropologie gift card while doing some organizing. I literally almost tossed it thinking it prolly had something silly like $2 dollars and change on it. Cause it had to be forever from Christmas 3 years ago!!! (seriously I had to ask the hub when he had last bought me a gift card) Driving it get Arlin at preschool I called the number on the back and my jaw dropped.........It had $100 on it!

WOOOO HOOOOOO!!! I immediately thanked myself for having analysis paralysis way back when 'cause I SO need a pair of new boots for this winter...

I went home immediately and ordered these on Sale!

best part about them....the tassel fringy thing comes on and off. Which is totally cool cause I'm thinking I'll enjoy then more without it.

and to out smart their so called free shipping policy: which is only honored if you purchase one full retail item in which my new boots were not. I bought this do-dad,

a hardware pull. I have no clue what I'm going to do with it...but it was only $6.00 as oppose to the shipping charge of $12.95 they wanted to charge me for my boots being on sale.

I'm excited. Let's just hope this is not a re-run of an online boot purchase gone bad.


  • spindelmaker

    Way cool boots! Awesome-awesome, you´ll be rocking i these! Adn the doo-da-thingy. Metal, isn´t it? Make some sort of fastening-joint closing mechanism for one of your metal-journals.

  • funderson

    Goodness! It’s like you won the lottery! The boot lottery.

  • jenn

    beautiful!! you are a lucky lucky girl. I just cleaned out all my old purses and found nothing but a stack of quarters and a bus pass. Bummer.

  • regina

    What an awesome surprise!!! Love the boots.

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