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Reno's workshop...

I can't even tell you how rejuvenated my soul is after attending these retreats. Art and Soul was a first for me but I'm sure with Portland being so close by I'll be back for more. I wasn't as great with the photo documentation thingy but I was sure good at arting late night and enjoying time with my art buddy Janne!

Jesse Reno

Reno's workshop was fantastic. Surprisingly his technique didn't feel that off the wall to me. Sure it was different than any style I'd ever done on my own before. But I found it really exciting to have someone instruct with such freedom, to encourage loosing up, to paint with my hands not brushes, to mix the colors and explore the paint texture variation I could create with with my handprints, finger tips and other hand movements. Reno is full of passion and his stories are too. I often ponder my own art and it's parallels to other facets of my life, they are deeply inter-connected on so many levels, and when I'm awake and aware it's more than rewarding to experience. Don't know if that makes sense ? (I get it and that's what makes me smile)

Reno's paintings and books displayed at the front of the room. i sat front row, not normally something i do but i thought why not.

Class was full, i think there were 24 students or so, it's a good thing the carpets were lined with heavy duty plastic, I painted my pieces down on the floor where there was more room to work on two at the same time.

Jesse's demo piece second or third phase of blocking out with lighter colors.

Any spooky/intimidating as I heard Reno's class could be I really enjoyed myself. Top take aways were:

  • identifying that ALL you ReaLLY need is 3 primary colors-red, yellow,blue AND the absence of 2-black & white...I will only be traveling with these colors from now on when I journal at Artfest. (and of course my beloved pens and watercolors) I was thrilled at the bright colors I was able to create by mixing the just the basic primaries.
  • Simplicity. Finger painting...who knew it could be so fun!!!
  • Freedom. I the idea that you have no clue of what your painting until almost the last phase...this allows you to let go, you have to let go.

My piece...

a bunny fish princess and her amoeba clue how she came to me but I love her.

and another in progress...

it was a monster gone bird...Janne says it looks a bird with an ouchie tooth...ha!

I scored a couple antiques while I was there, post pics this week. And Janne and I managed to find Fabric Depot, only the worlds largest fabric store! It was a good thing my mind was still wondering through my painting experience this store is ridiculous, a candy land for fabric lovers. They stock over 20,000 fabrics, quilting, bridal, fashion, and notions, books and patterns galore- it was crazy!



  • regina

    Sounds great. I’ve heard strange and scary things about his classes, but so glad to hear yours was a positive and inspiring one. I’d love to take a class with him sometime. Looks like so much fun.

    Your art looks great. So much to see, so many colors.I love it!

  • spindelmaker

    I had so much fun with you, Tyler! And I´m so glad you enjoyed Jesse´s class. Your stuff rocks! ;-)

  • Shelly Massey

    So glad you had a good time! Sounds like it was really inspiring!

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