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Day trip to Tacoma

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Headed south to Tacoma to see my Mom and Arlin. We were a little let down the Glass Museum was closed but we still were able to walk the glass bridge and check out Union Station which was totally cool. Based on what we did see  I'm itching to go back to the Museum soon. Take a look at the pretty pictures....

the museum sits right on the port


Mimi and Arlin walking the glass bridge...

the architecture is major eye candy...

all the colors...yum


can you see me? didn't know i was there till i uploaded the pics, looks like I'm in a crazy time warp! :)

Arlin playing hookie from preschool outside Union Station


inside Union Station...

it's pretty spectacular.

gotta get a swan pose in! notice my new boots?! got em' love em!

& of course monkey has to do one too!

gorgeous works of art. a must go back and see. (they have odd hours labor day to memorial day f.y.i.)


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