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Portland antique find...

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One of the antiques I snagged while in Portland...

industrial bread pan

an industrial metal 4 loaf bread pan: why I needed it, I still don't exactly know but I suppose it being metal was cool enough for me-that and I'd never seen one before. I had about 20 or so ideas of things I could do with it before I'd even paid for it. Totally fun. and the bread crumbs were free of charge! Boy did it need a major scrub down when I got it home.

It's first action shot...


a little halloween love. I plucked some branches down from a tree in our backyard, spray painted them black and tied my little hand made fabric, ink stamped "happy halloween" garland I made last year onto the branches.


the bread pan parts are filled with with shredded paper bags, some rafia and the infamous Pumpkins! (my Mom's laughing right now) We must have made a bizzillion of these fabric pumpkins while waiting for Arlin Jack to be born. My mom still laughs that I went into labor just to get out of making another one!


I scored another small antique that I'm in the process of putting to use, stay tuned.

happy hump day.

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  • spindelmaker on

    This looks so cool! Such a great idea! And since there is four pans, you can just change the contents, and have four candles in them. Light one each Sunday before Christmas, and you´ll have the December-decoration all in place too :-) (Norwegian tradition, although badly explained here)

  • Ermelinda Timchula on

    very happy halloween party everyone

  • abby jane on

    super cute~ did you get my email? holidays??

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