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kitchen updates...

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coming along...little bit here, a little bit there. The past year in before and after pictures...


above: right after we moved in. Brown purple original 1954 tile counter and backsplash in tact. Yucky brown linoleum floors in tact too. The only things we'd done so far were install a garbage disposal (cause I've never lived without one and I knew I was destined for a backup with out one) put in a new faucet, and knocked out a scalloped wood valance that hung over the sink at the ceiling

Fast forward a few months, to a wild D.I.Y. moment of mine...(what's new!?)

before: at work on the kitchen backsplash...

Yes, it's crazy but true. You CAN paint tile. It just takes a little bit a patience and a lot of prep. First, you must thoroughly clean all tiles that you plan on painting, making sure there's no oils or food particles anywhere on the surface, I scraped grout lines pretty good. Wait for cleaned area to dry (like overnight) Then prime tiles with a smooth/semi smooth roller to cover the majority of your tiles following behind with a brush for the grout lines-making sure you don't have drips anywhere. I used an oil base's the worst part. It's stinky and I felt like I killed a few brain cells in the process, but it got the job done. Then I opted to for a Behr brand deck/floor paint. I figured decks get rain, bad weather and foot traffic so why not use it on my counter and backsplash? instead of regular house paint like I had read in a handful of D.I.Y blogs works just fine. It worked magically for the quickest, cheapest fix until we can save our pennies for new cabinets and countertop!

So bye, bye went the purple brown tile. Then onto the ugly brown linoleum floor...


So NOT fun...

the idea of a heat gun and scraper kinda makes me wanna cry. And too bad the hub and I thought that there was some cool retro parquet flooring secretly waiting for us underneath- cause there wasn't. Just more linoleum! yuk.

But instead of tearing that out too...we left it and floated a new 100% recyclable green fiber floor we ordered from Canada. It's a distressed sliverish-hardwood look alike same plank width as our real hardwoods throughout the house.
while waiting for our new floor to arrive I hammered out a few old door jambs where we decided we didn't need doors to begin with and put in new wood and patched the drywall surround.

Like all home fix's a domino effect. The new floors came, the hub and I installed them ourselves and immediately we knew the yucky old almond colored oven and fridge couldn't re enter the kitchen so off we went researching new appliances...


I am SO happy with our choice. Kitchen Aid to the rescue! And what do you think about the floors? nice ya?!


Kitchen Aid, french door, bottom freezer, filtered water dispenser on the inside.....and it's counter depth!! Score!

And finally I broke down and made a decision for what to do for seating in the kitchen cause we had nothing but one whole wasted wall...

a 6ft long stainless steel husky garage work bench from home depot. Love it. And last trip to second use I found this salvaged 6ft long bathroom cabinet for $25 and immediately had to have it...still debating if I'm going to paint it...I kinda like it roughed up a bit, thinking it's going to work with another artistic idea I have up my sleeve.
Now, repurposed as a tea storage cabinet. The hub mounted three underneath spot lights and ran the wiring down through the wall. (He's pretty crafty when he wants to be!) 

here you can see the old door jamb gone to the right of the table. The kitchen has caused me heart burn pretty much since we bought the house. I always thought of it as the worst on the list to tackle. But now I'm pretty happy with everything. That is until I get an itch to demo the counter top. I've already knocked a chunk out under the toaster oven to see how much work I have cut out for me. Next up we have to cut and put in the baseboards.

To be continued!

What do you think?

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  • Pam on

    OMG, I love the new floor, appliances and the shelf/light over the bench. I think I like the lighting over the table/bench the most……so I guess Chaddie gets the kudos for this DIY project. Keep honing your skills for when we take over Seattle rental.

  • spindelmaker on

    Your “bar”-table wall with the high stools, and the long, cabinet looks awesome! You´ve done all that since I was there. It just looks so sleek and modern and elegant! Darn, you are one piece of “handy-hunk”-woman, girl!
    And of course the tiles and floor make ever so much a difference too.

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