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cupcakes & pink ponies oh my...

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Arlin was invited to our neighbors "pink pony" birthday party this last weekend. She, Miss Kennady turned 3 and is the cutest cowgirl in the town!!! For a present I thought I'd have some fun and get crafty. Here's what I came up with to go along with a table top kitchen play set the hub picked up from Target...


a sparkly pink and purple princess apron

gotta have ruffles and pink monogrammed pockets

stuffed with a hand painted wooden spoon

I used watercolors, then sprayed on a clear satin enamel to protect it

it fit and was a hit

isn't she too cute for words?!

kennady apron

I have a feeling the neighborhood girls are gonna get spoiled by me ;)

 kennady 2

just a little!

And there really were pink ponies there....REAL ones, it was awesome fun.


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  • Kennady's dad on

    Thanks SOOOO much for the apron and the spoon…I had to pry the latter from her fist to get her in bed tonight. Both are absolutely beautiful.

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