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meeting joe cross

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Remember the documentaries I was telling you about here? Well call it a crazy coincidence...

last Friday Joe Cross himself the writer and lead role of his own documentary was going to be at Amazon to give a speech. I totally wanted to meet him so I got a guest pass to join. Seriously Amazon is huge! Greeted with a cup of green veggie "juice"as you walked in and told to drop our name into a raffle drawing, so I did then nestled in the second row for Joe's speech.

Wow, is he captivating. Really a brilliant speaker. Funny, matter of fact and anything but boring. If you ever hear of him or have a chance to see him speak don't pass it up. He spoke about the making of his documentary, what inspired his lifestyle change and all the benefits he's still reaping 4 years later.

After Joe's speech they opened the floor for questions from the audience which was pretty cool to hear his quick witted answers...this guy knows (and believes) what his talking about.

After questions they called raffle ticket winners......Woo Hoo! I won a signed copy of Joe's book:


I thought it was pretty funny...Joe was found by Amazon because there was a crazy spike in Breville juicer machine sales the past year and when Amazon data researchers set out to find out why............they found Joe Cross.

I have been eating a vegetarian diet since I watched Joe's documentary (amongst some other research) I'm going on 6 weeks now of only eating organic, local fruits, veggies, nuts and beans...and I feel great. Feeling so great I'm not looking back. I don't think this is just a phase for me. 

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  • regina on

    Yay! How awesome. I would go see him speak in a heart beat if he came to AZ. So happy to hear you are doing well on a veggie diet.

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