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halloween recap...

Whew. I always feel like I need an extra cup of coffee the day after Halloween. This morning I slept thru the alarm clock, oops. Halloween was fun, Arlin had a blast with his buddies at preschool, followed up with some more fun with the neighborhood kids. I feel so lucky have landed in this house on this street...cause our neighbors rock.

The making of the Lego Ninjago...Step 1: brainstorming and lots of coffee. I really had no clue how I was going to make Arlin this costume, he's got some pretty tall orders sometimes! I was a little perplexed at how to make him look boxy like a lego man but still have the costume be somewhat practical...after all he was headed to preschool and at 4 yrs old it's all about being "comfy" or he won't wear it!

I started by deconstructing a home depot box, then cut the general shape by hand of a lego man's chest.

 then added cardboard sides, connecting them with painters tape.

 leaving the back side of the body open for taking the costume on and off

Next I traced out about 2 inches around the cardboard then cut the fabric adhering to the box with spray adhesive wrapping the edges around to the inside with a hot glue gun.

The ninjago "cole" design was just about the only fun part about making this costume!

drew the designs to scale cut out and used applique adhesive to iron on. All recycled fabrics...the yellow skull thingy was cut out of one of the hub's car shammies!

our first test run...of trying on the costume... he was pretty excited!


this is before the "weapon" (a nerf dart blower) was spray painted silver. I used recycled snap in broom brackets that I took down off our basement wall as his weapon holder.

gotta have foam nun chucks for his night out trick or treating.

as you can tell he didn't have any fun at all at the neighbors halloween party we went to! that's his buddy Graham dressed up as Iron man!

And I'm thrilled to have made it through another year of costume making!


  • Ksibs

    Where is the tutorial? I don’t see it up.

  • Gwen C

    I made this with the white ninja, Zane, this year and my son won first place at his Cub Scout pack’s costume contest! Thank for coming up with this! You rock!

  • Karen

    Yes how is the box attached to him? Did you use straps at the shoulders?

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  • tiffini mills

    I found your blog after googling for ninjago costume. I may not be smart but how did you keep this on your son and how did you do his mask? That’s the part I’m having the hardest on.

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