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Becoming a vegetarian is learning how to cook all over again. (not that I really knew how to cook in the first place!)

Since embracing the farm to fork method of eating...we've been forced to learn what produce is "in season" here in Seattle. I've been doing a little homework over the past several weeks. Finding a plethora of info on our local farmers market website where we're buying most of our veggies, fruits, nuts and breads for the week each Sunday. I've also learned PCC, the natural grocery store we're buying everything else at does a lot of the homework for us, they carry mostly: organic, grass fed, non gmo, smart sweeteners etc. etc. It's a better go to place than any other grocery store around us.

I found some old wood boards out in our garage next to some roof tiles and other spares left behind from the previous house owner, so I  took 3 of  the wood panels and spray painted them with black chalkboard paint....then dove into Arlin's colorful chalks and wrote out all the veggies and fruits that are "in season" and offered at our local West Seattle market.

It might sound funny to do something like this but I have to admit this diet change has me working a little overtime to learn a new food world. Being vegetarian in my opinion requires a little more creativity.  I used to just pick a meat then say "o.k. now I need to put two side dishes together to go with the chicken." And typically I pulled a box of something, like rice, out of the pantry and perhaps steam some broccoli and call it dinner. Now a days preparing dinner is a whole new way of thinking...I can't just make a side of veggies and a salad for dinner, well I guess you could, but it'd be weird! I'm learning I love mushrooms after I thought I hated them...chanterelle mushrooms-yum! I love quinoa, cabbage, brussels sprouts, beets, chard, kale, mung beans, spinach, tempeh....etc.etc. Wow, who knew?! And Arlin loves most of it too!

 Speaking of being creative...we cooked a fall stew and served it in a pumpkin! for my cousin Megan and her beau Kirk and my cousin Molly. It was fun! you can find the recipe here

"nothing will benefit human health and increase the chance of survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution towards a vegetarian diet." -Albert Einstein

I'm hanging these recycled chalk boards up around the kitchen. Thinking I'll list 3 months at a time updating them with what's "in season" as we catch on and knowing what's fresh becomes routine. The green one is the other antique I was talking about I got in Portland at Art & Soul it's supposedly from an old French elementary school in Portland that closed in the 50's...I just loved the retro green color of it.



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