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O.k. forget it I'm spilling the beans. This is what I've been working on the past week. Michelle Allen, talent of Close2MyArt asked me if I wanted to participate in an annual artist christmas ornament exchange she hosts. Scared poopless I said...heck YES!

then I was REALLY scared poopless.

What in the world was I going to make???  Quickly I realized making one of something cool isn't terribly hard but multiple of the same thing (completely hand made) took on a whole new meaning! Here's what I came up with after several "test runs" and a handful of different ideas.

these were SO fun to make. I think I've found a new medium I love to work with. Literally I've made over 20 christmas ornaments. And I don't want to stop! I was sitting waiting (and waiting) in the docs office doodling in my journal and this little guy was born...

I thought it was going to be a challenge to recreate him to be  3 dimensional but thought worth a shot. To my surprise he came out not exactly like my sketch but in a cute way he took on his own characteristics. Here's how I did it...

grabbed a roll of foil from the kitchen and loosely shaped my characters, you really have to use your imagination here and keep checking for sizing, a few of mine got a little too plump in the rear, or in the noggin' :) Next came adding the paper clay.

I used "

 air drying paper clay and remembered all the tricks Michelle taught me last year at artfest on how much water to use while sculpting to keep things from drying up too quickly. This is probably my favorite part of the process, it's a bit messy but totally fun. Makes me wanna give pottery a whirl (can't believe I haven't yet)

You can speed up the drying/hardening process in the toaster oven. Seemed like a good idea considering how many I was making.

Next it was time to experiment with my bunnies attire. Should he have a fabric collar, a clay hat, a fabric stalking cap, some buttons? how about some arms? It was like playing dress up, this part was kinda of fun too. It's also when I learned how hard it was to sew things this tiny!

I ended up sewing little fleece stalking caps and trimmed them with tinsel pipe cleaners. I made the hangers out of black wire and shaped whimsy hearts at the top. Then used a needle to poke a small hole into the back of the cap to lead the wire through...under the cap I used a dremmel to drill a small hole and used an eyelet screw to attach the wire to the top of the bunny between his ears. Foil plays a big part here, you wouldn't be able to do it without. Then I hot glue gunned the fleece cap to him...last step is making their scarves!

What do you think? I'm getting ready to bundle them up safely and ship to eight arty gals...I've also made more than I needed for the ornament exchange. So I'm thinking I'll be doing a bunny ornament GIVEAWAY next week. Stay tuned if you want to win one of these little guys to adorn your christmas tree this year or perhaps gift to someone special.

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  • abby jane on

    so freaking cute!!! you’re so talented lady! xo

  • spindelmaker on

    They are awesome!!!!! I can´t believe how cute they are! Yay! I can´t wait to get mine in the mail :-)

  • Hallie on

    Wow those turned out great Tyler! You are such a great visionary!

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