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Girls Crown...

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Cause every little girl needs a crown for DressUP! time...

or ANY other time!

I just took a heavy piece of cardstock paper and sketched out a shape I liked (to make sure you get symmetry simply fold the piece in half and draw the crown top shape you'd like then cut and unfold).... then use this as a pattern template to use to cut your fabric. For the crown I used what was handy in my studio, I had more fleece than felt so I went that direction for the crown and decorated it with felt shapes I cutout.
girls felt crown

I folded the fleece in half then placed my paper template crown with the bottom evened up with the fold of the fabric, traced all the way around with a fabric marker. Then took my pinned (not really) fleece to the sewing machine and sewed along my inside traced line leaving both sides open for easier right side out turning. But before you turn right side out be sure you cut away access material and notch out your crown points.

I could have probably sewn on my designs to the front side of the crown before I sewed my front and back sides together, but fleece is a pretty forgiving fabric to work with and I actually think it's cute this way...Attach the ribbon strands by placing them in between your crown front and back forward and backward stitch a couple times for sturdiness. Then encase your ribbon sandwich with another strand of ribbon.........sorry this is way too wordy to explain...I should have taken more pics along the way.

the sky's the limit on what you can put onto your little crown. I opted for a flower after playing around with the letter "S" for's whatever you'd like...Have fun with it!

I'll make sure to ask for some action pics!

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  • Baby Ties on

    Very cute princess crown! Wish I would have discovered this before halloween, but at least I know for next year!

  • spindelmaker on

    This is so cute! You´re right. Every girl does need a crown! Maybe we should make one of our own for Artfest. I think Tammy has a dress-up idea she´s working on…. :-)

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