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christmas ornament hand made ornaments Misc. Creations! snowman ornament

keepin' it real. this is what my studio looks like a lot's like a tornado swirled through. and this is the only corner I'm brave enough to share with you! I'm thinking I need to spend a few hours and tidy up a bit. I start to work circles around myself when it gets like this!

another Christmas ornament I made..

 foil, paper clay, acrylic paint, recycled paper, fleece, tinsel pipe cleaner


I cut recycled packing paper into a thin strip to create a ruffled collar under the snowman head...


hen hot glue gunned a piece of fleece to it

This paper clay fun is totally addicting! Although it's time to switch gears and focus on some sewing projects. I'll have plenty to share later this week as I wrap up two large Baby Lux orders.



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  • spindelmaker on

    He´s so cute! The little snowman! I tried making some paper-clay figures too, but I´ve painted and repainted and they still look wrong and I´m about to throw them away. How can you make yours so incredibly cute?! :-)

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