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baby quilt...

And the sewing continues...


I often get these wild ideas in my head right as I'm about to fall asleep at night. Then if I'm lucky enough to remember when I wake I sketch it out in one of my journals. This baby quilt is on of those late night wonders, followed up by a trip to the fabric store, where I spent way too much time having fun!

baby Quilt finished size: 35"x45"

no pattern, just an idea and rough size in mind, my favorite kind of project. Although I'll admit still feeling under the weather, I did have a few stressful moments while sewing. I only had two days to work on this quilt and it has a lot of details.


 embroidering the birdies feet, eyes ,tails & up-do's :)...


I used an air disappearing pen to draw some guidelines for my quilting process. I haven't ever done this before but found it was pretty helpful.

 the quilt front is all appliqued in cottons and the design is what inspired my quilting technique (or lack of some might say)

 3"border and hand made binding, blind stitched

quilt backside:

following the design for quilting the blanket backside turned out to be pretty cool.

I was so rushed to get these pictures had to get to the post office before 5...(promise I ironed the quilt before shipping!)

So, off the blanket went this afternoon headed for a mama in Michigan who's expecting a bundle of joy (a baby girl!) December 15th... However, a little birdie just informed me that this little bundle of joy decided to surprise the world and say 'ello early!

Congrats Mama Ellie!


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  • Pam

    I can hardly wait for the package to arrive and be able to share your talent with all of you Grandfather’s friends. As always you make me proud. This will be a perfect gift!

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