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little hoot...

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I'm lost in ornament land (again). I felt like Santa dropping this bundle of boxes to the post office the other day...

inside were my batch of bunny ornaments for the exchange. So far I've gotten 4 out of 8 ornaments from the other gals who participated. It's so cool to see how uniquely different each one is. The mail man thinks I'm pretty funny, I basically rush him at the door to see what he's got for me.

Over the weekend I had a little time to craft with Jackers, I let him play with some model magic, he pretended he was making ornaments right along with me. I love it when he wants to art with me. I dug this peanut butter lid from the recycle container...

 I thought it had just enough depth to do something fun. and figured it was free to play with why not

 I glued a piece of paper into the inner circle to save on paper clay usage, then I put a thin layer of paper clay over the entire outside and inner lip just until it met the paper back

note: i actually let this one air dry, I didn't want to find out what happens to plastic in the heat.

made a little tree branch out of foil & paper clay, painted it and added glitter (the wood chip is to glue the birdie onto raising it flush to the branch)


cut a sprig off this doo-dad from joanns floral section for my owl birdie body


 made him a little paper clay nose, cut funny shaped circles for eyes out of an old book page and used water color paints for the details

painted the outside white with some distressing then added little bit of golden brand pearl shimmer acrylic


and put some fun lick n' stick vintage foil snowflakes in the background



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  • Laila on

    Hy Tyler,
    Thanks so much for the link and mention of my little wintertime bunny, we are half way through another creation with more of a monster feel this time!

  • lulu on

    totally cute little hoot ornament! oh the things we could do with recyclables!

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