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it's beginning to look...

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a lot like Christmas!!

I was sipping tea last night cuddled with my favorite boy-o. I love having a lit tree in our living room. Really why can't it just stay there, white twinkly lights and all?! It also dawned  on me as I sat there... our living room looks completely different than it did last year. Look...



almost all the furniture is different! I'm loving our low modern sofa we scored at the Kasala (outlet) downtown Seattle. It's so low you can sit on the back side and join conversation with people sitting at the dining room table. And see our (real)Danish modern pieces in the corner?! Those we acquired through our neighbor who over heard our itch for some mid century modern chairs and side table. It's amazing how pristine the pieces are with original wool upholstery....I just love how well they fit in the home.


 See the metal pieces in front of the fireplace opening? Those have a master plan (don't know when- but eventually) they're steel eyebrow pieces from a downtown Seattle commercial building. I got them at Second Use. My vision is to build an encasement to sit on top the entire flagstone surround made out of large subway set white plexi-glass panels with all the mounting hardware exposed (imagine rivets) very modern/industrial looking. The goal is to make this a frame to set over the existing stone without damaging or drilling holes into the stone. The steel eyebrows will either be mounted to the interior fireplace cement and able to swing open from the middle OR will be put on sliding caster hardware...still debating this. BUT the fireplace looks SO cool with the brows in front of a roaring fire. Ok....more holiday pics

It's official (I think) we're going to cut a tree down next year with aunt Megan and uncle Kirik. I really miss the smell I remember as a kid. And I want Arlin to have the same sense memory. Not to mention the hours spent trying to figure out burn out christmas light issues on clumps of branches. This tree for about 5 years now it's served us well considering the money we've saved not buying trees- they're SO expensive!IMG_5994
I finally got to get this guy out. I bought him last year for Arlin on some fire sale and was so sad I had to pack him away. It's a music box and when you wind him up it's head moves. There's another piece, a retro t.v.with a train that moves on the inside that goes with this robot, I have my eye out to score it this year, but they're not cheap.


emptied out all of the wine corks and put in some shiny ornaments from our overflow. It's pretty obvious I have an ornament addiction. I just love how they all tell a story and remind me of a certain time when I was little.

I'm still playing around with making them. Here are some more I just finished up!

There's more sewing to share this week! And of course there will be more Christmas ornaments too!


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  • Bree on

    4 stockings this year instead of 3?

    Merry Christmas from Aus!


  • spindelmaker on

    Your ornaments are awesome. They just keep popping out, huh?! :-)
    Everything does look very Christmas at your place. Already! The tradition here is to wait decorating the tree until the 23rd of December, and then leave it up as long as there´s life in the thing :-D Sometime mid-January.

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