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crunch time...

bumble bee ornament diy ornaments hand made ornament mini sculpture Misc. Creations! paper clay sculpture

it's crunch time for Santa's helpers (if you know what I mean!)

Geesh! and the crowds in the stores holy mole'!

another handmade ornament:

she's got wings! sewn fleece and tule

and hand bent wire antennae with tinsel...


she's oddly cute.

O.k. I'm off to make cookies.

Are you ready for Christmas???

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  • lulu on

    I adore your little bee! I am sure he would be a very good companion for my little bunny!

  • Ohr on

    How old is your blog?

  • spindelmaker on

    He, he… I think you´re completely gonna stop making baby-onesies, and go into fulltime Christmas ornament production. The bee is super-cute, lika all your other ornaments. Be careful, you might get headhunted by Santa!

  • Anna Maria Larsen on

    Oh my goodness….I’m in love with your ornaments….I think that they should be displayed all year ’round!

    Anna Maria (Mom)

  • Pam on

    Very, very cute and no I am not ready for Christmas. How in the world do you carve out time to bake cookies at this late date?!?!

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