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ABC's... (an idea snipped from brillance wasted a Way long time ago!)

A is for...Age: 34

B is for...Bed Size: a newer Queen, pretty funny story actually...we taco'd our king size mattress with bungee cords- trying to wedge it up the narrow hallways to the third level of our rental when we first moved to Seattle- yah that didn't work out so well. instead of taco-ing back down three flights of stairs when we moved, we opted for throwing it over the balcony into the back alley. Let's just say it retired...right where it landed.

C is for...Color, what is your favorite color?: hmm, it changes often and depends if I'm wearing it or painting with it. I love to wear olive greens, black and grey, and the on the paint brushes I love shades of oranges, golds and teals

D is for Dog: Otis! his official name is Reverend Otis proper.

E is Essential Start your Day Item: I think you mean mandatory (or don't talk to me?) that'd be a cup of coffee please. Although I must tout I've cut back my am. caffeine intake to just one cup. It used to be 2-3 plus

F is for... French toast or waffles?: waffles please. no syrup.

G is for...Gold or do you say Silver?: silver all the way

H is for...Height: 5'7" if I ever stood up straight.

I is for...Instruments you play/ed: used to play the piano and the saxophone...

J is for Job Title:  Mama! & Crafty business owner

K is for Kids: Arlin Jackers and Stella Vita...these kidlets are the best!


L is for...Live,  donde' vive?: Seattle (West Side)

M is for...Mom’s Name:  Pamela, Mom and Mimi

N is for...your Nicknames:   T.....T. Mooney, Tiger, Tiger P.I., Lux Wu, Lady-pants, Mama T.

O is for...Overindulge: that'd be chocolate or red wine, or both.

P is for ...Pet Peeve:  people I call "Salad guard"...people that get way too close to you when they close you can tell what they ate for breakfast...

Q is for...Quote from a Movie:  "we're all pretty bizarre, some of us are just better hiding it, that's all." Breakfast Club

R is for Right-handed or Left Handed:  right, actually sort of ambidextrous, I do everything left handed I only write right handed.

S is for...Siblings: way too complicated ask me another day.

T is for...Time you wake up:  before or after the snooze button gets the smackdown??? 7:10 ish... 

U is for...Umbrella:  what are those? if you're walking down the street with an umbrella in Seattle...we know you're visiting from out of town!

V is for...Vegetable you dislike:  ? being a vegetarian now...I can't really think of one I don't like...

W is for...Word or phrase you use a lot: "let's go, let's go!"

X is for X-rays you’ve had done:  feet, ankles, heels, ribs, hands, and tale bone

Y is for Yummy food you make:  Thai food

Z is for Zoo Animal, your favorite zoo animal is :  Peacock

If you read this tag your it. cut and copy and fill in your answers. and let me know so I can read up on your alphabet....


  • Jenn

    Awesome!! I’m on it!0

  • abby jane

    i played piano and the sax too!

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