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watch it grow...

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I've been waiting till after Christmas to share this finished project with all of you, couldn't chance spoiling the surprise for Miss Stella! I made her a ticker tape quilt using some of my favorite fabric remnants I've collected over the past year. Awhile back I'd seen a small baby doll sized (16x17") ticker tape quilt on Sew Mama Sew and loved the simplicity and sort of modern look it had. You can also get lost in inspiration land via this

group on Flickr.

I thought a ticker tape quilt would be a perfect style for Stella, and a great way for me to utilize some of these fun fabrics I had in only small amounts.

The first step was brainstorming a color palette: I rummaged through a bin and just started cutting.

I got to this stage above and decided to just go for it! After I had my quilt sandwich, top layer, batting and backing all pinned together I began sewing in the middle of the quilt spidering out in each direction as I went. I was hoping that if I started in the middle I wouldn't get any bunching with my sandwich. It worked out perfectly.

This was my fabric caddy next to me....loaded up with various sized squares and rectangles anywhere from 1 1/2" squares to 3" rectangles but nothing larger.

This quilt was a labor of love!!! My neck, shoulders and buns were SO sore by the time I finished! I was almost tempted to get scientific on it and count how many squares it took to completely fill in the quilt top, then calculate how many times I had to muscle the quilt around to sew each side of the square/rectangle! The answer:

A LOT! But totally worth it!

It was fun to watch it grow as I sewed...thought it be fun to share the process, so every break I took for a cookie, or caffeine pick me up, I hung it in my studio and snapped a picture!

 finshed quilt measured 41" x 52"

and the fabrics completely practical, comfy and soft. quilters flannel on top, and a pink fleece for the backside. I used cream thread on top and pink bobbin thread

I was super excited to give it to Stella for Christmas, almost enough to let her open it Xmas eve, but I held out till Christmas morning:). She LOVED it!!! And I was one happy step Mama.

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  • regina on

    What a beautiful gift. I love seeing the progressions. You must be a very patient sewer!

  • Ginette on

    WOW! This is terrific! What a great idea to use flannel and fleece! Good job!

  • jenn on

    wow…. what a great idea! I’m thinking of doing another quilt. Slowly. Someday. And Happy new year to you!!

  • Pam on

    Oh my heavens what an undertaking and during the holidays makes it even more impressive. I can’t imagine how many hours went into that. Really great work and it turned out beautiful.

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