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link love-art friends...

I've been lucky enough to get these handmade creations in the mail over the holidays from some old and new ART friends and I just have to share!

Janne Robberstad: for inspiration you can always count on Janne's art blog here --she blogs about something, whether it be jewelry assemblage, costume making, painting, or journaling (just to name a few) and she blogs almost everyday! from Norway.

a three dimensional house crafted out of book pages and colorfully hand painted

Deidra Doan: a talented artist in several art magazines for creating lovely art dolls. I adore her oil paintings...Deidra's blog here

a sweet hand painted mini bristle brush christmas tree diorama

Regina Lord: who I tease is the the new age "martha stewart" (and I admire) Regina does it all! Amongst being a Mama of two handsome lads. Regina's blog here.

hand crafted, hand painted ornament made out of paper clay, twine and glitter

Tammy Mcgee: Another mama of 2 beautiful kiddos, she paints and makes all kinds of whimsy wonderful art out of her Canada home studio! For a taste of Tammy's talent see her blog here

a canvas fabric stitched angel hand painted and adorned in glitter

Elizabeth O'Donnell a.k.a. Yarn Punk: You name it Elizabeth has probably made it. This gals' got lots of tricky talent up her sleeve. Arting from chilly Alaska you can see more of Elizabeth's story here.

this guy is a hoot! a hand crafted owl made out of a recycled shrunken wool sweater!

beaded eyes and a hand made clay beak

Michelle Allen: one of my Artfest pals, this gal has got a crazy eye for color...and it's what drew me to her art a handful of years ago. Her blog photos are like eye candy! check em' out here

a whimsy wood cut snowman, with (I think) a encaustic wax over an original painting print- and personalized with the 7700! It's shimmery and bright!

Mystele: Arts out of the Chicago area and has a video visual blog where you can actually watch her paint! Love her unique style and use of color. Check out Mystele's art here

a charmed chain of handmade trinkets and a shrinky dink mystele painting!

Lulu Moonwood: just got married! march on over and say congratulations and while you're there check out all Lulu's cool mixed media art dolls they're fantastically detailed!

hand painted, hand sewn and stuffed santa! with built in wire hangar

Karla Dornacher:  talent in two's! Karla is Michelle's Mom (and now I know where Michelle gets it from!) I admire Karla's illustrating precise! Look

hand painted paper mache' birdie with a unique vintage book page tail feather

How's that for a dose of inspiration??


  • regina

    WoW! What a beautiful collection of handmade ornaments! I’ve been collecting handmade ornaments, through swaps, for the last 6 years. I have over 50 now. They are all so amazing and I look at them with awe every single year.

    Thank you for your very kind word. You are really to kind. I can’t wait to see you again at Artfest. Only 81 days!!!

  • spindelmaker

    Thanks for your kind words! What a collection, huh! We have the coolest Christmas tree ever! ;-)

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