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sewing on paper...

it's that time. where I get giddy in antcipation for ARTFEST!

Just sent in my balance payment. I am really looking forward to seeing my art pals again. I have an awesome dorm buddy this year too!

sewing ripped papers onto a playing card (from a deck of cards) then covering with packing tape to protect

it's a rarity that I send a non decorative letter envelope or package. I've always believed packaging is just as important as what's on the inside.

it's time to start brainstorming my Artfest trades. I can't hardly believe it's the last year of Artfest...I suppose I am very fortunate to be a few miles away from Teesha's Art Annex though. So, I'll still be able to get a yearly dose of art workshops in, just not in Port Townsend with all my pals there at the same time.

sewing on paper yesterday. I have a bin full of ripped out magazine pictures and old book pages with text. Sitting at my sewing machine I  rummage through with scissors in hand and just start sewing. It's messy fun.

and it makes me feel totally sane for keeping every scrap piece of failed art. See.... my creations don't always work out the first time around but they do eventually. I've started several paper projects that don't get finished, they all get thrown into a box. Rummaging in this box is a fun way for me to create "unplanned" art, which is totally what my brain needs every once in awhile. Freedom to sit down and NOT have to say "O.k. I'm gonna draw a bird today...."

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  • spindelmaker

    Wow, these are so cool! And you´re way ahead of me… I´m trying to get my head out of christmas-mode and into full-speed-ahead-work-mode. And now you come here and make me wanna pull out my sewing machine, how typical is that! Do you really have to be SO inspiring when I have half a ton of work waiting!?!

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